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Reduce Inflammation

Pain is often related to poor blood circulation in the body. Increasing blood circulation through exercise, tea, sauna or hot baths helps move oxygen rich blood throughout the body, into the muscles and joints and aids our body in reducing inflammation in painful areas. One study out of Finland showed that levels of C-reactive protein -a bio marker for inflammation in the body- were lower in those that used sauna more regularly. In fact, it was a function of how often they used sauna. The more regularly the 2000 men in the study used the sauna, the less CRP they exhibited in their body.


Taking a multi-pronged approach to dealing with chronic pain is best. Try different therapies, modalities and products and find what works for you.


Many chronic pain issues associated with inflammation can be reversed. Talk to us and let us guide you on how to do it.


Chronic pain is the number one reason our clients choose to work with us. We have helped hundreds of Australians suffering from arthritis, Fibromyalgia , tendon, back and joint pain.


Becoming aware of our foundational health habits, including hydration, sleep, stress, nutrition and movement will go a long way to helping manage chronic pain.

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Australians have been diagnosed with Arthritis


Pain relief is the reason why people choose to invest in a Found—Space Sauna


Is the average annual cost for a person suffering chronic pain (according to University of Sydney).

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