Where to Buy Ice Baths in Australia?

Where to Buy Ice Baths in Australia?

Ice baths have taken the health & wellness industry by storm, and for good reason. But did you know that the benefits of ice baths are enhanced if used in conjunction with your infrared sauna? If you want to improve your health & wellbeing and are looking for ice baths for sale, below is info on our ice baths in Australia along with the benefits of having an ice bath at home, especially if you’re already enjoying the benefits of your in-home sauna.

Found—Space (formerly known as iHealth Saunas) is the longest-running infrared sauna company in Australia, founded in 2008. We don’t just see ourselves as a sauna company though – We are an innovator in home wellness goods from infrared saunas to ice bath. We’re dedicated to helping our customers incorporate our products effectively as part of their healthy lifestyles so they can enjoy the many benefits for both their bodies and minds. If you want to enjoy ice baths at home, here is where you can buy ice baths in Australia along with the benefits of using ice baths that make them so popular.

The Benefits Of Having An ice bath At Home

Ice baths have been shown to have many benefits for both our bodies and our mind. Some of the benefits of ice baths can include:

  • A reduction in inflammation
  • Improves mental health by boosting your mood and helping you to manage & reduce stress
  • Relieving sore muscles and aiding post-exercise recovery
  • Lower core body temperature
  • Boosts your immune system

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Infrared saunas are used widely to help reduce inflammation & increase blood flow, boost your immune system, aid weight management / weight loss, reduce stress, relax more, improve sleep and boost your mood & energy levels.

And whilst the benefits of ice baths and infrared saunas are fairly similar, the way the body responds and ultimately achieves those benefits is different. Which is key. Providing an opportunity for our bodies to adapt and respond to both sides of the temperature spectrum strengthens and enhances our body’s resilience and ultimately its ability to experience the benefits. It’s almost like a way of ‘covering all bases’ enabling your body to tap into all its resources. Using both ice baths and infrared saunas regularly, and incorporating them into your healthy lifestyle is a way to truly see some real benefits. This is why many choose to have their own sauna and ice bath at home.

This being said, it is important to note that everybody responds differently to the infrared sauna, and ice baths and using both. Many find that duration can play a big part – as an example, a shorter sauna session may give you an energy boost whereas a longer session might relax you more and prepare you for sleep. Other factors such as time of day, whether you have a set routine (that your body anticipates and prepares for), and whether you do a session before or after a workout can also influence the impact. Always listen to your body and we always recommend seeking advice from health professionals especially if you have underlying health conditions.

Where To Find Ice Baths For Sale

Being super passionate and dedicated to our customer’s health and wellbeing, it was a natural progression for us to add ice baths to our range of premium infrared saunas. To buy ice baths in Australia, you can get in touch with us to find out which ice bath is best for your space, budget, lifestyle and health & wellbeing goals. You can also arrange a time to view the range at one of our showrooms if located in Brisbane or Melbourne. We offer free delivery and installation of our ice baths in Australia.

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