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Are Saunas Good For Blood Pressure & Circulation?

Apr 27, 2021
Are Saunas Good For Blood Pressure & Circulation?

It is well known that there are a number of health benefits from using an infrared sauna regularly, but is an infrared sauna good for high blood pressure? Below is information on how infrared saunas can be good for high blood pressure, and also information on if a sauna is good for low blood pressure and if a sauna is good for blood circulation.

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Is an infrared sauna good for high blood pressure? is sauna is good for low blood pressure? and is a sauna is good for blood circulation? Keep reading to find out from the infrared sauna experts!

Infrared Saunas And High Blood Pressure

Using an infrared sauna can induce the effect of moderate exercise or a ‘passive’ cardiovascular workout on the body. This can help with high blood pressure as lack of exercise is known to be one of the risk factors linked to high blood pressure. 

During an infrared sauna session, the heat penetrates deep into your skin - your heart rate is raised and your circulation increases creating more effective blood flow, which is known to help in lowering blood pressure. Because the temperature of infrared saunas is much lower than traditional saunas this makes them safe for most people to use, especially those that find it hard to tolerate high temperatures. 

Studies have shown the benefits of far-infrared therapy as a novel treatment to improve access blood flow and for its biological effects and medical applications.

Another unique benefit of how infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas is that the infrared heat interacts with the body’s cellular network and can dilate blood vessels which can also help to lower blood pressure. 

Because infrared sauna use can be an all-encompassing treatment method, it can also help with other underlying causes of high blood pressure including: 

  • Weight loss
  • Relaxation and transferring the body out of the ‘stress response mode’
  • Detoxification / removal of harmful toxins 
  • Improved sleep

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Is Sauna Good For Low Blood Pressure?

In general, because infrared saunas operate at a lower temperature they are considered safe for most people. However, if you want to know if a sauna is good for low blood pressure, we always recommend speaking with your healthcare professional first. 

We are passionate about supporting our customers’ personal journey towards better health by providing useful and relevant health & wellness information around using our infrared saunas. We always aim to help people find their ‘ah-ha’ moment - catalyst information that could help someone turn a corner in their health and wellness. We will work with you and your individual needs to ensure you get the best benefits possible from your sauna. 

Is Sauna Good For Blood Circulation?

Yes! Saunas can be good for blood circulation. An infrared sauna provides a natural boost in circulation because of the unique way our bodies respond to infrared light. ATP production increases and oxygen production becomes higher which improves blood circulation and restores the body back to homeostasis.

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