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Sauna, Train, Sauna

Your Found—Space Sauna will be a powerful addition to your training strategy and maximise your recovery even further. Not only will your muscles thrive with the regular relaxation, you’ll find a new, sharper focus in your mind. Plus, infrared sauna is an incredible tool for initiating deep sleep, so you’ll enjoy boosted energy levels too.


Utilise our near infrared light to increase cell mitochondrial efficiency.


Activate Cytochrome C Oxidase and increase ATP.


A Finnish study found men who used sauna regularly compared with those who did not were 27% less likely to die from cardiovascular related causes of death.


Increase oxygen and blood flow into the muscles and give your body the chance to repair and rebuild.

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Reduce Inflammation

Lower CRP levels with regular infrared sauna use.

Sauna, Train, Sauna

Use your Found—Space sauna to warm up and then after training to reduce lactic acid in the muscles

Improve Mobility

A single sauna session will help you maintain mobility & flexibility.

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