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Are Infrared Saunas Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

Apr 26, 2021
Are Infrared Saunas Good Or Bad For Your Skin?

If you have been looking into the benefits of using infrared saunas, you may be wondering if infrared saunas are good for your skin. The good news is that they can indeed be the answer to having glowing, healthy-looking skin. Below, we explain how infrared saunas work on improving your skin and answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding skin and infrared saunas such as ‘does infrared sauna give you a tan?’ and ‘does sauna help clear skin?’

FoundSpace is a proudly Australian, family-run business and is the longest-running infrared sauna company in Australia - operating since 2008. We are renowned for the quality of our saunas and our customer service (check out our Google Reviews), helping Australians to take control of their health & wellbeing through using infrared saunas. Keep reading to find out if infrared saunas are bad for your skin.

Commonly Asked Questions About Whether Infrared Saunas Are Bad For Your Skin Or Not

Here are some answers to common questions we get asked in regards to whether infrared saunas are good for your skin: 

Does sauna help clear skin?

Yes! Infrared saunas can help to clear your skin through increased circulation and detoxification. Research studies have shown promotive effects of far-infrared rays on full-thickness skin wound healing and a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, skin roughness, and intradermal collagen density increase.

Because of the way infrared light penetrates your skin and heats you gently, this helps to break down and push toxins out of your skin as you sweat. Increased blood flow can also help to pump nutrients to your skin cells leaving your skin feeling more rejuvenated too. After your sauna sessions make sure you drink plenty of water, clean the sweat off your skin and we recommend rinsing with cold water to boost all those lovely benefits and close your pores. 

Does infrared sauna dry out skin?

Staying hydrated is the number one key when it comes to dry skin. Whilst infrared saunas are generally not known to dry out skin, we always recommend drinking plenty of water after your sauna sessions. 

Does infrared sauna tighten skin?

Infrared heat penetrates deeply into the skin and is known to accelerate cellular activity and increase circulation which can have an anti-ageing effect. This allows nutrients to be delivered to the skin and detoxifies pores. Sweat has been known to be an effective natural anti-aging & detoxifying remedy resulting in a smoother, younger-looking complexion too. 

Does an infrared sauna give you a tan?

Infrared saunas don’t give you a tan as the light does not contain UV light. This is actually a good thing as it allows you to enjoy the benefits of improved skin but without exposure to UV rays. 

Does infrared sauna help cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by fat, water and waste being trapped below the surface of the skin. Because infrared saunas penetrate deep into body tissue and clear out toxins & waste from the body that cause cellulite (deeper than traditional saunas do), they can be effective in reducing cellulite. 

Does infrared sauna help eczema?

Because infrared saunas can help with skin inflammation, this may help ease eczema, however, we do recommend talking to our infrared sauna experts if you do have a skin condition. We will work with you to formulate a specific plan that will help you to achieve the best results from using your sauna. 

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