Ailments and Infrared Saunas


Alex Tyson

I want to delve into some of the reasons we have ended up where we have with our health. This will also open your mind to some other benefits you may well notice as a result of using your iHealth Sauna regularly and also give you some insight into why we Australians are amongst the unhealthiest in the world.

So why are people purchasing Far Infrared saunas?

They need help with chronic pain; they need some time to themselves. They want to feel the way they used to. Not feel niggly and uncomfortable in their body that has perhaps started to show them signs that it’s turning on them; that it’s getting old and they’re not doing something right. And that’s the majority of people who purchase an iHealth sauna, people who need help and have lost touch with their body.

But first of all; how did we get here? How did we end up with diseases like arthritis or Fibromyalgia? Why do we have chronic pain? Why does that back pain not go away anymore the way it used too?


We’re not hydrating correctly anymore. We eat foods that dehydrate us, we don’t drink enough water although we think we do, we drink too much coffee, too much alcohol. Our skin is dehydrated, our blood is dehydrated, and our brains are dehydrated. (See previous blog for more info) This is the number one cause of chronic disease and pain. If you’re drinking less than 2L a day you’re dehydrated.


How much have you exercised today? How long for? 30 minutes? 20 minutes? Maybe not at all?

We get up, we get ready for work, drive to work, and then once we are at work, we sit down at our desk, we get up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom, we eat lunch at our desk. We drive home, we watch TV. We make dinner, we go to bed.

Before we know it we have gone the entire day without any exercise. When was the last time that you sweated from exercise? A 20 minute walk a day is not enough.


We wake up – drowsy because we stayed up too late – dehydrate ourselves with coffee just to feel ‘awake again. Stay awake all day and night until 11:30-12am and then get up the next day to do it all again. Our body needs 7 – 8 hours a day and uses this time to heal and clean up the body. If we don’t give the body enough time to rest then we start the next day at a disadvantage.

Why aren’t you sleeping enough?


We eat too much; we eat three or four meals a day. We eat too much wheat, too much meat, too much diary, too many animal products. Not enough plants, not enough whole natural foods, too many processed food. You ask someone how important diet is for good health; they’ll probably say 70-80%. Really, its 20-30% of importance (Hydration sleep and a couple other aspects also equally as important) but it’s something that we get very wrong. We eat foods that inflame us. Animal products are inflammatory in the body. Wheat is highly inflammatory in the body. Sugar, processed foods the list goes on.

So all of a sudden after 40 years of eating the wrong foods, not hydrating correctly, not exercising enough, not working the body, not sleeping enough, not having good fulfilling relationships and doing things that we’re passionate about…all of a sudden our body says “I can’t keep up the facade any longer. You start to get a little bit of pain in your finger joints, maybe it goes into your hand or maybe it starts in your foot. Maybe you already had a few niggles throughout your life that you couldn’t just can’t get rid of. Your body was telling you “Hey, there’s something wrong here!” Arthritis isn’t just a disease that decides who it’s going to pick.

So after 40 years, our body starts to tell us these things and we don’t understand what it’s telling us and so we think going to a doctor is the only way… ‘Someone else must surely know more about my body than I do’ we think.

We are out of touch with our bodies. We don’t listen to our body; we don’t just sit and feel every once in a while to see what our bodies are telling us.

I see people eating their dinner and afterwards they’re burping and they are sitting on their side and farting; they have got a runny nose in the morning and they are not pooing correctly. And they think that it’s normal. They don’t even realize that it’s all happening. They are not conscious of their bad breath; they’re not conscious why their skin is dry in a certain area or why they stink. Because we’re not brought up to know these things about our self. You have to go and seek this information, I know because I did and still currently do seek this information. And then you learn that your breath is bad in the morning because all you ate the day before is meat and that meat is just rotting in your small and large intestines and that rotting smell is coming out of your mouth! Makes sense right?

Ok, you get the point. But please, have a think about some of the items I have just mentioned and see what your body thinks, not what you were told to think.

So, Far Infrared Sauna Benefits….


Everyone knows far infrared saunas are great for detoxification. The deep heat of our Far Infrared saunas penetrates down to the subcutaneous skin layer where all of the heavy metals and toxins are stored. The heat then pulls these toxins out via sweat, providing amazing health benefits with regards to detoxification. Those with Lyme disease will also find an iHealth Sauna very helpful at lowering the burden of toxins in the body.

Relief from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and other inflammatory diseases

Probably the number one chronic illness far infrared saunas are good for. The heat is going to penetrate nice and deep. It’s going to make your body work naturally to cool itself, sending oxygen rich blood to the joints, to the muscles.

You always feel a bit less stiff after you go for a walk than you did when you hopped out of bed right? That’s because you have started to breathe deeply, oxygenating the body; the blood has started to flow and isn’t stagnant anymore. You feel better, you feel looser. Chronic joint and muscle pain? Same thing. The far infrared penetrates 4-5 cm into the skin and your body says “I’m getting warm here and I need to cool down.” The body starts to increase the circulation naturally, moving oxygen around the body…this is where the pain relief comes from.

We provide saunas to a lot of people in their 70’s – 80’s now! They might just hop into the sauna for 15 minutes first thing in the morning using the auto function to ensure the sauna is nice and warm for them. They just hop in for fifteen minutes at a lower temperature say 35 degrees; get the heat in, get the circulation going. Get some relief, loosen up a bit and then hop out and go about the morning as normal.

Stress Relief

If nothing else, you sit in the sauna for half an hour a day and although you can take your phone in there, maybe sometimes leave it out. Set the colour therapy to a relaxing colour like a dark blue or even a red at the end of the day, put some essential oils in the essential oil tray, put some relaxing music on, maybe some meditation music. And just… be for 30 minutes. Just relax. Just enjoy feeling and doing nothing.

Great for those suffering from depression, anxiety. Let’s get the body working naturally a little bit. Doesn’t have to be too hot, have a bit of a sweat and hop out. Don’t look at a screen for a period of time, amazing what it can do for the body.

Now you can get those same benefits just from mediation. You just won’t be sweating, maybe give meditation a go too.

Complementing a workout

Improving the circulation is great for joint pain, muscle pain, muscle recovery, warm-up, and cool-down. If you want to keep that circulation going, then you are going to reduce acidity build up in the muscles. Therefore, great for a cool-down or great for a warm-up to get the circulation going before you start intense exercise. Great for recovering muscles after a work-out, building muscle as well.

The key to all this is and this is the final point you use the sauna regularly if you want to see results. Think of it as going to the gym. If you go to the gym once a week, nothing’s going to change. You’re going to feel good while you’re there, get a fix of dopamine in the brain, and get some oxygenated blood moving around in the body. But when you leave, you go home; cool-down, that’s it. Might be sore the next day, but that’s it. It’s not enough for your body to start to really change. One to three times, that is good. It will maintain where you at, for some of you it will build a bit of muscle but once the muscle is built it will maintain that. If you really want to start to see benefits, it’s three or more times a week at the gym and it’s the same thing with the sauna. Only you don’t actually have to lift any weights.

Use the sauna three or more times a week and you’ll start to see your skin clear up as you start to get all the gunk out of the pores. You’ll have a little more energy too and of course if you’re in pain; generally, it will be relieved.

As time goes on, your body continues to work, your skin will become immaculate, your pain in a lot of cases will be significantly reduced. We have quite a number of people that have experienced this, and you will have more energy. Your metabolism will speed up and you’ll just feel great. So go and hop in right now!



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