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Start With Education

What you focus on expands. And what expands becomes your health, your happiness and your life. So we want to help you focus on things to expand that will take you through to the next phase of your experience. Below you’ll find a selection of education resources for your enjoyment. We’ll be scaling up our efforts in this area of our business, so watch this space.

Sauna Buyer's Guide

In our sauna buyer’s guide, we answer all of these questions and more. Download our guide to learn everything you need to know about owning and using a Found—Space infrared sauna.


Sleep Better Guide

We understand that not being able to sleep well can be incredibly frustrating and isolating. In our experience with sleep, practice makes perfect. So we put this guide together about how to get the best nights sleep.


Video Library

Watch and learn. This page holds a bunch of videos about a range of health topics and how to use your sauna. All free for you to watch at any time.


Finding Space Podcast

Found—Space CEO Alex Tyson hosts our podcast, which is all about helping people evolve in their health and life. In each episode, he chats with experts such as athletes, health experts, financial consultants and entrepreneurs, to name a few. Listen & subscribe today.


Discover The Smart sauna

The future of infrared sauna is already here. Introducing the Found—Space Smart Sauna.

The Infrared Sauna Experience

Our Signature Experience

The Found—Space sauna experience does not just involve a daily sweat. The incorporation of a sauna into your health and well-being routine is the beginning of a new journey towards a more fulfilled life. It is the cause and the facilitator of positive change. Until you notice how you you’ve changed...

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When you contact us we want to hear about your health goals and challenges, so we can help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be, and ensure you purchase the best model for your needs. Book your no-obligation discovery call with one of our friendly Sauna Specialists to learn more about your options.

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