Feel Great In Your Body & Mind

Start your day strong and end it relaxed with a Found—Space Infrared sauna.

The latest in infrared sauna technology and design, our elegant saunas are built to please and last. With one in your home you’ll be able to enjoy all the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of regular infrared sauna.

Minimse Stress

Maximise Recovery

Boost Your Fitness

Find Focus

“Using the Sauna has become the best part of our day!”


“My experience with everyone associated with Found—Space has been excellent - everything has been done as promised, with good humour and support.”


“Great Australian company who are very knowledgable. They provide ongoing education on the benefits in using Saunas. We love our Sauna!”

- Deborah

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based on 485 reviews.

Find Balance For A Better Life

Take a sauna to transform your mood and energy.

We live our lives on a constant rollercoaster with our physical and mental energy running up and down. Taking time out to nurture your body and mind is no longer a luxury - its a crucial aspect of maintaining good health and performing how you want to in your life.

When you welcome a Found—Space Sauna into your home, how you approach your health changes. You take time to nurture your health and wellness, and we 100% guarantee you will notice higher levels of health in your body and mind from after your very first sauna.

Feeling Flat? Power Up

  • Invigorate and energise with tailored colour therapy
  • Burn unwanted fat through a gentle cardiovascular workout
  • Enjoy uplifting music with bluetooth sound system

Need To Rest? Wind Down

  • Settle parasympathetic nervous system with tailored colour therapy
  • Prepare for sleep with bespoke aromatherapy
  • Soothe pain with comforting infrared heat

How Infrared Saunas Work

Found—Space Infrared saunas work by heating the body directly, penetrating a few centimetres into the skin, igniting a gentle cardio workout, while at the same time removing health metals and toxins from the body via your sweat.

This infrared light technology paired with the colour therapy and bluetooth sound system allows you to create a tailored sauna experience, to give you exactly what you need.

Learn more about how infrared sauna works here.

Our Saunas

The highest quality infrared saunas in Australia, our models are designed, created and installed with care.

Our friendly team will guide you on how to achieve best results with your Found—Space Sauna, and provide tailored sauna usage guidelines. We don't just sell you a sauna...we help you change the direction of your health and wellbeing.

Enjoy free installation Australia wide.

Unsurpassed craftsmanship and meticulous detailing

Designed in Australia

Australian Electrically Certified

Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Why limit where a sauna can go? Let's go outside...

Learn more

City Compact

At 58cm deep, it's smaller than most desks. Slide open to sweat. Slide closed to stow.

Learn more

Premium Range

Refined and improved upon for the past 11 years, Premium range offers the signature Found—Space sauna experience

Learn more

Lite Range

This sauna will make you sweat. No frills, no fuss, just beautiful infrared sauna.

Learn more

Full Spectrum

The latest in Found—Space infrared technology. Make a statement in your place of wellness.

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Family owned and operated, our purpose is to create a healthier and happier world by providing a top quality product and experience for our customers. We want to support you in your journey towards better health best we can.

We believe that the wisdom to improve our health lives within all of us, and nothing brings us more joy than hearing about members of our community have found their way to better health and happiness with one of our saunas.

Start Your Sauna Journey

When you contact us, we won’t just try to sell you a sauna. We want to know about your health goals and challenges, so we can help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be, and ensure you purchase the best model for your needs. Book your no-obligation discovery call with one of our friendly Sauna Specialists to learn more about your options.


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