Found—Space (formerly iHealth Saunas)

How It Works

Sauna For Business

So you have a wellness related business and you are considering adding an infrared sauna to complement your offering.

Just imagine for a moment an income producing service that is 'hands off', is virtually maintenance free, cost next to nothing to run, may enhance the services you currently have and is one of the, pardon the pun, hottest wellness products available now.

Infrared sauna is all of this and more. However, it can be challenging selecting a product and a company to work with.

At Found—Space our primary goal is to provide our customers with a complete and remarkable experience. This means that not only do we provide you with a top quality sauna for commercial use, we also provide key resources to help you integrate the sauna into your business. So you have all the tools needed to provide a complete and remarkable experience for your customers too. 

  • Infrared saunas are suitable for any business that have the capability to control it's use, such as a booking system.
  • We begin the process by finding out more about your business, so we can provide our expert recommendation about the sauna model we think will be the best fit.
  • Once you've chosen chosen your sauna, your delivery process will be looked after by one of our delivery managers, we will send you the on boarding information and you can start promoting the sauna to your customers or members.

Book To Sweat

Pair your sauna with your booking system for a top quality customer experience.

Tailored Model Recommendation

We learn about your business so we can provide an expert recommendation on sauna model.

Free Onboarding

We will work with you to ensure your new sauna is properly integrated into your business.

Discover The Smart Sauna

The future of infrared sauna is already here. Introducing the Found—Space Smart Sauna.


Our sauna range

Take your pick from our top quality infrared sauna models.

Lite Range

No frills, no fuss, just beautiful infrared sauna.


Premium Range

Our signature sauna experience refined and improved.


Full Spectrum

The latest in near + far infrared technology and design.


Outdoor Barrel

Take your Found—Space sweat session back into nature.


City Compact

Find space in the smallest spaces. Slide out to sweat, slide in to stow.


Start Your Sauna Journey

When you contact us we want to hear about your health goals and challenges, so we can help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be, and ensure you purchase the best model for your needs. Book your no-obligation discovery call with one of our friendly Sauna Specialists to learn more about your options.


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