iHealth Saunas - a sauna company with a difference.


Specialising in infrared saunas with a focus to help Australian’s get their health back on track.

Infrared Saunas work by heating the body directly, penetrating 4 – 5 cm into the skin, creating a cardiovascular workout on the body whilst removing heavy metals and toxins via sweat. iHealth Saunas provide Australia’s highest quality infrared sauna system and work to help clients get the most out of their sauna with the sauna session book provided on delivery, regular health web events and online iHealth Saunas support group.

Where it begun

Established in 2008, after working for other sauna companies who did not deliver a high quality product and service, Miriam and Peter Tyson created iHealth Saunas to bring European quality to the Australian market. Now renowned for the quality of their product and after sales service, iHealth Saunas is Australia’s longest running infrared sauna company with 16 years industry experience. This passion for quality and service is a part of everything iHealth Saunas offer.

Owner and son, Alex Tyson now expands what iHealth Saunas offer, creating full online support system for iHealth clients helping customers learn more about how to use their sauna properly, how to support healthy living as they age and help them heal.

Alex Tyson


iHealth Saunas do more than just sauna

‘Whether a client wants to work on something specific or whether their reason for looking into infrared sauna is ‘I’ve just always liked sauna’, we know that an interest in sauna stems from a fundamental desire to be healthy. It’s inside all of us’ Says Alex. ‘We share our insights on how to best use the sauna, we offer classes to help our clients learn more about how to look after their health on a fundamental level and provide our clients the support they need for their sauna and more. Once people begin making other changes in their life along with regular, tailored sauna use, that is when amazing things happen in people’s lives’

After growing up around saunas since age 10 and been brought up with a focus on health and wellness, Alex left his mechanical engineering degree to help people with their health. Alex met people everyday at iHealth Saunas who didn’t look after their health, and so begun his mission to help people look after their health so they don’t end up in pain, overweight and sleep deprived.

The first thing iHealth Sauna clients report is that their skin clears up. After more sauna sessions, clients report their pain is reduced, they sleep more deeply and in some cases, people are losing weight too. Watch how Darren uses his sauna




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