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We’ve complied some of our most asked questions into a quick and easy to follow guide to help you choose the right infrared sauna for your space. From the differences in our range to how to care for your infrared sauna so it lasts for many years to come, read on to learn more about how a Found—Space infrared sauna will fit into your home and life.

Buying An Infrared Sauna

Why should I buy an infrared sauna?

In short – you should buy a Found—Space infrared sauna if you’re serious about creating the change in your health and life that you truly want. And our team will be there supporting you at every step of your journey.

When you buy a Found—Space infrared sauna, you are not just facilitating a daily sweat. As someone who wants to make a positive change in your life, you’re investing in your health and growth as a person. You new sauna disrupts your home’s space, presenting you with an opportunity to create a new, positive habit in taking a daily sauna. And with this new healthy habit will come more. You’ll find yourself drinking more water, being more mindful of the food you eat and the amount of exercise you do.  You’ll sleep deeper, and feel less stressed.

How do Found—Space saunas compare with other companies, and is there a price difference?

Looking for a sauna can be challenging when there appears to be comparable products available. But the truth is simple – when it comes to infrared saunas, you get what you pay for.

For nearly 20 years we have been helping people recreate their homes to better serve their wellbeing using infrared sauna. While some competitor companies offer saunas at lower prices, we believe that price reflects their quality. The prices of our infrared saunas are reflective of them and the service you get when you work with us being high quality, and this includes matters of health and safety.

We are proud to sell high-quality saunas which are made from FSC certified timber, meet Australian Electrical standards, and have an industry-leading warranty.

What’s the difference between a steam sauna and infrared sauna?

As opposed to steam saunas, which heat the body with a moist heat, infrared works by heating the body directly with dry heat. Infrared heat creates a cardiovascular workout on the body while removing heavy metals and toxins, and benefits enjoyed include reduced pain and stress, better sleep and muscle recovery, and improved weight and energy. Learn more here.

How big are they?

Our infrared saunas range in size so you’ll likely find one that will fit perfectly in your home, whatever the size. Take the first step to improving your health and wellbeing and view our infrared sauna range here.

What is the difference between your Premium and Full Spectrum Saunas?

Our Premium saunas are made with in a traditional timber finish, providing a luxurious, far infrared private sauna experience.  The combination of tinted and tempered glass, color light therapy, aromatherapy, and blue tooth connectivity brings you a sauna environment ideal for relaxation, easing muscles, sleeping better, and recovering from life.

Our Full Spectrum range brings you the same premium inclusions while combining of both far infrared heaters, and red-light near infrared heaters bring the full spectrum of infrared light available.  The modern design of cedar and glass brings a contemporary feel and infrared sauna into the 21st Century.

Can I put a sauna outside?

The good news is, yes! It’s important to check that the infrared sauna is compatible with outdoor use. So… what is the best outdoor infrared sauna for you?

Our Outdoor Barrel infrared sauna is the ultimate option to sauna in the beauty of nature. Tried and tested for safety outdoor and has been built and tested to withstand the Australian climate. It needs to be installed on a solid and level surface and a 15AMP power point is required.

We’ve refined and improved our Premium infrared sauna range 11 years and with its fantastic features, you can see why it’s so popular. Our Premium range can be placed outdoors provided it is undercover.

Is there a wait for delivery?

Our infrared saunas are designed in Melbourne, and we provide free delivery and installation anywhere in Australia. Our installation teams across Australia are ready to set up your Found—Space infrared sauna within weeks of ordering.

Servicing your Infrared Sauna

I need my infrared sauna moved; can you help?

Yes! Whether you’re moving your infrared sauna to another room, another house, or another state, we can help. Get in touch with us and tell us about your move. We will provide an accurate quote and book it in. Click here to enquire.

How do I care for my Premium, Full Spectrum, Lite or City Compact infrared sauna?

Our indoor infrared saunas can last years with the right care. We recommended to apply a coat of our KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer on the backrest, timber, bench base and wherever your body touches every six to twelve months. Using towels on the bench and floor will help to keep the wood fresh and avoid water stains.

What maintenance does the Outdoor Barrel require?

The Outdoor Barrel infrared sauna has two main requirements for proper maintenance to keep the sauna lasting for years to come.

Giving the infrared sauna a coat of the ALIS Decking Oil on the exterior every six to twelve months will help to protect the wood from the elements.

The Outdoor infrared saunas have metal straps to keep the wood staves tight and keep the sauna held together nicely. These straps need tightening every six to twelve months as wood naturally contracts and expands. As the infrared sauna settles into place, tightening these will keep the infrared sauna sturdy and long lasting.

Is it okay to slide my infrared sauna along the floor?

Yes, it is okay to move your infrared sauna in a room like a piece of furniture. Always keep in mind the surface you are moving it on so the floor or infrared sauna itself it doesn’t get damaged. When moving your sauna along a floor, be sure to push from the base, as pushing on the sides can damage the infrared sauna.

How do I turn on my colour therapy light?

The colour therapy light has a two-step process turning it on (similar to a TV). The “Light” button on the control panel (depending on model either “Light 1” or “Light 2”) is the main power button for the light, and then the remote “— (line)” button is like the TV remote to turn it on.

Firstly, press the “Light” button on the control panel, and then try turn on the light with the remote. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process. Also make sure the remote has fresh batteries! If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to log a service request with us.

Start Your Found—Space Infrared Sauna Journey Today

Much of your quality of health depends on how you spend your time. When you bring an infrared sauna into your home you begin a new chapter in your health journey, as it impacts your daily wellbeing rituals and routines.

Enquire today to speak with our Sauna Specialists and learn how a Found—Space infrared sauna will transform your health and life.

Or contact us if you have any questions about using infrared sauna.



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