Go Holiday Mode At Home


Alex Tyson

Imagine you are lying in the shade, feeling lazy on a luxurious hammock after a hot sauna. You can hear the peaceful trickle of water and the gentle rustling of trees. 

You’re in holiday mode – and the best thing is that you get to enjoy it every single day. No, you haven’t won the lottery and now live in a beautiful tropical resort – you’ve turned your home into a wellness space full of holiday vibes.

We can all agree that taking time to kick back and relax is a crucial aspect for maintaining good work-life balance and health. Jetting off to sun-drenched beaches where you can recuperate from your busy life with endless fresh juices and yoga is all well and good, but what about the other 51 weeks of the year?

Learn everything you need to know about an at-home infrared sauna here. 

Creating a truly relaxing home environment where you can recuperate every day of the year is not only an enjoyable and health-improving investment. And the best thing about it is that that holiday feeling never has to end.

Here are our top items to use when in creating your very own home wellness paradise:

An array of exotic plants

Planting a lush inside or outside garden of layered tropical plants is a sure way to invite a feeling of holiday paradise. And they smell so good!

For an inside idyll consider plants such as Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily), Zamioculcas zamiifolia (known as ZZ), Sansevieria (Mother-in-law tongue) and Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen).

If you’re planting outside, do a little research on what plants will grow in your local climate to ensure no wilting leaves end up killing your buzz. But we absolutely love any and all palms, Strelitzia reginae (Birds of Paradise) and Abutilon selections (Flowering Maple).

A calming water feature

There’s nothing quite like the captivating sound of running water. Studies actually show that being in the presence of water can draw you into a meditative state. 

A flow of water’s gentle white noise can be the perfect point of focus to shift your mind to after a busy day bustling around. And the best thing is you’ll be able to enjoy this effect no matter the scale or style of your water feature – just close your eyes and allow yourself to float away…

A comfy hammock

Hammocks are awesome because they are so adaptable. They can be strung up almost anywhere, or tied to a free-standing frame if required. And there is something so liberating about that – a hanging nest where you can relax alone or with a loved one just gently rocking the hours away.

Not only are they comforting, but they also add an effortless cool to any space, alluding to the transient lifestyle of a bohemian free spirit.

A mini yoga and meditation space

Whether you’re into mindfulness yet or not, creating a specific space for a mental retreat practice is not only a luxurious but actually crucial to your mental health.

All you need is a clear area you can lie down in all directions, with a firm, flat and even surface. Clear a patch of cut down grass, use a space of your deck, or even built a bespoke wooden platform.

Lie down on your yoga mat, sit on cushions or blankets, get comfortable, close your eyes and retreat inwards…over and over again.

An infrared sauna

Having a home sauna may initially sound excessive and expensive, but there are more options out there than you think. Whether it’s just you or the whole family, infrared saunas come in different shapes and sizes. These stylish and adaptable structures will bring wellness into your abode – you’ll no doubt notice an improvement in mental clarity, pain, sleep quality and weight loss, you’ll reap the health benefits of being able to enjoy your sauna every day. Imagine enjoying a relaxing stretch on your yoga mat, then sweating it out in a peaceful sauna, to then rinse off in your outdoor shower…

An outdoor shower

Taking a shower outside is such a great feeling, especially after a long, hot sauna. Most homes aren’t designed to include such a feature, and that’s why they’re such a treat. If you live in a climate where is gets warm enough to enjoy an outdoor shower then you 100% should get one installed to enjoy.

Being able to shower while listening to the birds and feeling the wind on your skin as you wash is absolutely liberating and exhilarating. And if there’s the possibility of prying neighbours then perhaps invest in a curtain or building a walled shower for privacy, where you can still see the sky and the clouds floating by.

Beautiful mood lighting

Just because the sun is going down doesn’t mean you have to cut your staycation by heading inside, or turning on bright inside lights. Setting your home up with magical outdoor lamps and strung lights or low options inside is the best way to maintain a relaxed vibe into the night. Favour warm coloured LED bulbs and candles for a little romance.

A fire pit

Every holiday needs a little excitement – and a firepit is the perfect addition to bring a spark to you home resort! Light it up, enjoy a couple of drinks and some snacks and stat late into the night chatting with your friends and family, or alone looking into the flames and enjoying the peace and safety of your special place.

Start Your Found—Space Infrared Sauna Journey Today

Much of your quality of health depends on how you spend your time. When you bring an infrared sauna into your home you begin a new chapter in your health journey, as it impacts your daily wellbeing rituals and routines.

Enquire today to speak with our Sauna Specialists and learn how a Found—Space infrared sauna will transform your health and life.

Or call us if you have any questions about using infrared sauna.




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