Episode 36: Professor Spira

For The Love of Fruit 

Professor Spira is a global speaker where he shares the power of eating a Mucus-Less diet and fasting. Professor Spira takes a welcomed approach to what can be easily considered an extreme way of living. Professor Spira wrote the annotated and described version of the Mucus Less Healing System, which was written by Arnold Ehret in 1920.
We discuss what the Mucus-Less Healing System is, how he got into the Mucus-Less Healing System, transitioning to eating a cleaner diet, performing music whilst in a clear state of being, a healthy way to integrate fasting into your life, speed reading, playing in a raw food band, understanding what passing mucus-forming foods are and the effects eating and living. A mucus list diet has on our personal development, spirituality, and exploration.


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