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Welcome to the Finding Space With Alex Tyson podcast (formerly called Sweat It Out). On this show we celebrates the everyday people who put in the hard work to become who they want to be and do what they want to do. Those who understand that when we find compassion and intelligence within ourselves, we find success - then we can spread it to everyone we know. From improving health to nurturing wealth, or enjoying the present to crafting your future, no aspect of life is off topic.



In each episode, Found—Space CEO Alex talks to experts who’ve found the space for incredible personal and professional growth in varied methods of self improvement. And through their unique perspectives and work have also bettered the lives of those around them. Listen or watch on your favourite platform below.

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Free Food Choices

In this episode, Alex has fun chat to food health and wellness coach, Shan Cooper, creator of My Food Religion, a company who make simple whole food nutrition accessible.

They explore creating freedom around food choices, the journey to listening to what our bodies need and the importance of movement every day. Shan’s addictive energy inspires us to get creative in the kitchen and the importance of educating the next generation to make empowered food choices. 

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About Found-Space

We are leaders in the infrared sauna industry. We aim to inspire a global movement of better health experienced in the spaces we inhabit and within ourselves. Found—Space is for anyone who want to embrace life by making the necessary changes to continue to grow and thrive.


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