Which Far Infrared Sauna Is Best For You?

May 19, 2021
Which Far Infrared Sauna Is Best For You?

You want to start improving your health? Congrats! However, which infrared sauna is the best choice for you? It can be confusing; there are so many infrared saunas on the internet, prices vary, different designs, various types of heaters, many features and different suppliers. In this article you will find some questions to ask to find out which infrared sauna is best for YOU. For more of sauna fundamentals, click here.

So, why are you getting a sauna? Pain relief, detox, weight loss, recovery from exercise or maybe just general health and wellbeing? What sort of sauna sessions do you want to have? Do you just want to get the infrared into your body, sweat and get out, or, do you want to tailor and enhance your sauna experience? We find that most people want the sauna to be a complete experience, a place that they want to be and go to on a regular basis.

If it’s just the basics you want, then look for a sauna that has the latest technology carbon infrared panels, a solid strong cabinet, has Australian Electrical approval and in the event that you have a problem there is local support. Avoid the extras that you may not use, such as air purifier, aromatherapy, light therapy etc. Out Lite Range is a good spot to start.

If, like many people you want to have the ability to tailor and enhance your experience then look for the “extras”. It’s amazing the difference it can make to your sauna session by being able to add your favourite essential oil, create a mood or feeling with colour light therapy, all while getting the benefits of oxygen therapy. Here’s a great example of a tailored session:

The Restless Dreamer

This one is great for those of you who struggle to get a good night’s sleep. What you want to do is to have a longer session than usual: 50-55 minutes. Set the temperature between 42-45 degrees, set your colour therapy to red. A lot of people tend to think this is an angry colour, but it’s actually incredibly relaxing. Red is one of the last colours that we see from the sun each day, and it works with our circadian rhythms and our pineal gland to signal to the brain that the sun’s going down and it’s time to rest. Next, play some relaxing music. An easy way to find something is to YouTube “deep relaxation night-time meditation track” and see what it comes up with. Avoid any news or an upbeat rhythm, this session is all about calming the body and lowering the senses. Let the day melt away and slip into bed ready for the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time.

When deciding which sauna is best it’s also wise to find more about the company you are buying from. How long have they been in business? Are they a Sauna specialist, i.e. do they just deal in saunas or are the saunas a “sideline” product? Do they have the infrastructure to support any warranty claims? Are they genuinely interested in you and reasons why you are investing in a sauna? If they aren’t asking you why, do they care? Can they help you with advice on how to get the most from the sauna? You should be looking at the sauna as an investment in your health, and so should the company you are buying from!

How do you know the quality is what is stated on websites? No company is going to say they have an inferior product! It’s easy to make the product look good in the images and claim that the build quality is excellent. What you need to then ask is; “Where can I see one?” If you cannot see/try before you buy, be aware.

A few more things to ask: Does the sauna meet Australian Electrical Standards? Ask to see the certificate. Is there a lifetime heater warranty and 5 year cabinet and electrical warranty, in writing? Are the heaters on separate fuses? Are replacement parts in stock in Australia? Is the timber Canadian hemlock as it’s hypoallergenic and resin free?

We hope this clarifies a few things for you and makes it easier to make your selection of the correct sauna for you. 

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