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What To Wear In An Infrared Sauna?

May 23, 2021
What To Wear In An Infrared Sauna?

Clothes?… a towel?… Or nothing at all?? Find out what to wear in an infrared sauna below from the infrared sauna experts. 

Found—Space has been supplying saunas in Australia since 2008, making us the longest-running infrared sauna company in Australia. We pride ourselves on not only providing Australia’s highest quality infrared sauna systems but customer service to match. We provide guidance & advice to our clients to ensure they get the most out of their sauna and know how best to use it based on their needs & preferences. Read our tips on how to use your sauna and information on whether you wear clothes in an infrared sauna …or not!

Do You Wear Clothes In An Infrared Sauna?

We provide a sauna session book with all the information you need when we deliver your sauna but if you are wondering do you wear clothes in an infrared sauna? - the answer is ‘if you want to’.

We suggest wearing clean, loose clothing (cotton or any breathable material preferably) or your bathers but you may choose to wear a towel or no clothes at all if that’s your thing! 

The benefit of having your very own sauna in your home means you have the privacy to enjoy your sauna exactly the way you want to. It just comes down to your preference. We do recommend wearing comfortable loose clothing afterwards as you may continue to perspire.

Man relaxing in an infrared sauna

Tips On Using Your Infrared Sauna 

Everyone has different preferences and reasons for using their sauna - whether it's for relaxation, improving their health or sleep, or to help recover after a workout. 

We will work with you to determine what will work best for you specifically, but here are some tips on how to make your sessions comfortable, enjoyable and beneficial for your mind, body & health: 

  • Drink water before, during and after your sauna sessions
  • Have a hot shower before (to promote further perspiration during your session) and a cold shower after (which can activate cold shock proteins which may help assimilate fat for weight loss)
  • Use your sauna regularly (about 3+ times per week, even daily). We recommend a temperature of 45°C - 55°C and around 30 - 45 minutes per session
  • You can open the vent or door to lower the temperature of the sauna during your session 
  • Place a towel on the bench and floor of the sauna to absorb perspiration and keep one handy to wipe excessive sweat from your body 
  • Connect via Bluetooth to listen to your favourite music or podcast during your sauna session 
  • Use your sauna after a workout to optimise your recovery  

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