Stop Self Sabotage With Paul Taylor

Jul 13, 2022
Stop Self Sabotage With Paul Taylor


"Focus on the process, not the outcome. This goes from individuals all the way up to elite athletes. Just do something, that is the key, keep yourself in a forward motion every day." - Paul Taylor


Podcast Interview: Paul Taylor

Are you lacking motivation to start or follow through with a project or life change? Here’s a tip...take one small action right now!

When you help your brain identify that you're in a forward motion and are making progress, the next steps will fall into place. 

In this episode, Found—Space CEO Alex rapid chats to former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Neuroscientist Paul Taylor. Paul is in the business of performance wellbeing and shares his insights into the fundamentals of health and how he prioritises his every day to boost longevity and performance.

They discuss how to successfully work towards your goals, change your behaviour to embrace your inner wisdom, and stop listening to the 'gremlins' distracting you from progress.

This episode will help you shift your mindset and give time to what you’ve been putting off, so you can smash whatever goals or projects you choose to put your mind to.

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