How Long Should You Stay In A Sauna?

May 27, 2021
How Long Should You Stay In A Sauna?

We know that incorporating a sauna into your life and using it regularly can improve your health & wellbeing in so many ways, but how long do you stay in a sauna? Below is information on how long you should spend in an infrared sauna and other recommendations to help you get the most out of your sauna.

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How Long Should You Spend In An Infrared Sauna?

How long you should spend in an infrared sauna will depend on each person however we recommend sauna sessions of around 30-45 minutes with a temperature of 45°C - 55°C. Aim for three sessions a week but again, it depends on your preferences, what you’re using your sauna for and how it fits in with your daily life. 


The Difference In Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas work by heating your body directly, which differs from regular hot rock or steam saunas that heat the space around you. This different heat distribution and resulting in lower temperatures are why many people find infrared saunas more comfortable so can enjoy longer sessions. 

Because the safe wavelengths of light penetrate deeper into the skin, infrared saunas can be effective in removing heavy metals and toxins from the body.

During your sauna session, the light also creates a cardiovascular workout on the body which is why many people find they are a great way to aid weight loss. Improved sleep is another benefit too! 

There are many other health benefits including: 

Other Tips for Infrared Sauna Sessions

If you do want to use your sauna for recovery, how long should you stay in the sauna after a workout? Again, this depends on your preferences and what works for you. There isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to how long you should spend in an infrared sauna but we do find that the recommendations above are a good place to work from. 

Ensuring you drink plenty of water before, during and after your session will help to keep you hydrated and more comfortable so you may find this helps for longer sessions. 

Higher temperatures can increase your heart rate for a more effective cardiovascular workout but always do what’s comfortable for you. It may work better for you to have shorter sessions more frequently. 


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Much of your quality of health depends on how you spend your time. When you bring an infrared sauna into your home you begin a new chapter in your health journey, as it impacts your daily wellbeing rituals and routines. 

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