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If you want to improve your health and wellbeing and looking for infrared saunas in Adelaide, you’re in the right place! Found—Space has been supplying top quality saunas to Australians since 2008, making us Australia’s longest-running infrared sauna company. Below find out how you can buy home saunas in Adelaide and the benefits that our clients enjoy from using their infrared saunas regularly. 

Our range includes saunas to suit a variety of lifestyles & health goals with features such as our LED Colour Module, Bluetooth connectivity and Movable Pure Wave ceramic heaters that enable you to target specific areas of the body. Here are the benefits of using infrared saunas and information on infrared saunas for sale Adelaide

Why Home Saunas In Adelaide Are So Popular

There are so many benefits to having a home sauna in Adelaide - here are some of them: 

  • Infrared saunas create a cardiovascular workout on the body which can contribute to weight loss
  • Infrared saunas are a great way to de-stress and relax. Because infrared saunas heat the body directly at lower temperatures instead of the air around you like traditional saunas, many people find this much more comfortable. Add a bit of colour therapy to your sauna session and listen to some relaxing tunes - bliss!
  • Many studies have shown that infrared saunas can help to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Infrared saunas can help to move oxygen-rich blood throughout the body improving circulation - this can help reduce pain and also aid in weight loss 
  • Muscle recovery (near-infrared light has been shown to increase cell mitochondrial efficiency. This helps your muscles to repair and rebuild post-workout. Many people find that they can stretch more effectively (both pre and post-workout) as a result of their sauna sessions too
  • Infrared saunas activate the parasympathetic nervous system that has a calming effect on the body, setting us up for sleep. 
  • Infrared saunas can activate Cytochrome C Oxidase and increase ATP which can boost your energy levels

Where To Buy Saunas In Adelaide

If you’re looking for infrared saunas for sale in Adelaide, we deliver our saunas anywhere in Australia and we’ll even install your sauna at no extra cost! 

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