Do Saunas Boost Your Immune System?

Jun 08, 2021
Do Saunas Boost Your Immune System?

Many of the health benefits of infrared saunas are widely known but do saunas directly boost your immune system? In this article we discuss if regular infrared sauna is good for the immune system and how they can help you to achieve a higher level of health.


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Are Infrared Saunas Good For Your Immune System?

Regular sauna use has been shown to improve overall health given the many different benefits regular users experience. However, studies have shown that sauna bathing stimulated the immune system to a higher degree in the group of athletes compared to the untrained subjects. This means that, as part of a healthy lifestyle (including a primarily whole foods diet, regular exercise and good sleep), infrared saunas can be very good for the immune system.

When we’re run down, stressed, overweight, aren’t sleeping properly, these can all have a negative impact on our health, including our immune system. When using infrared saunas regularly, combined with other healthy habits like a good diet, good sleep and regular exercise, you’re helping your body to run at optimum. 

Here are some more details about how infrared sauna can support your general health and immune system.


1. Supported immune system

Taking an infrared sauna raises your core body temperature, which has been shown to increase immune system function. Combined this with cold therapy (such as a cold shower or ice bath), you can also speed up metabolism and reduce inflammation, swelling and sore muscles.


2. Being run-down and stressed

Infrared saunas are a fantastic way to help you relax. Because infrared light heats the body directly, you can enjoy lower, much more comfortable temperatures so you can really just sit back and enjoy the experience. Couple that with a nice bit of light therapy using our Found—Space LED Colour Module and you’ll be super relaxed - a great way to end the day (see how red light can help you to relax below).


3. Weight Management

Infrared saunas create a gentle cardiovascular workout on the body, meaning regular sauna users often notice an improvement in their weight loss or management efforts around diet and exercise.

Infrared saunas can also activate Cytochrome C Oxidase and increase ATP which boosts energy and supercharges your workouts.


4. Deep Sleep

Because the heat of an infrared saunas increased your heart rate, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which works to slow it down. When you parasympathetic nervous system is activated, you relax which helps you to get into deep sleep.

The in-sauna light therapy can also help you sleep. Turning your sauna light to red can help to balance the circadian rhythm (which also helps us relax). This is because the frequency of red light is the last light we see in nature when the sun sets, which means our body naturally reacts to it by preparing for sleep. Red light can also promote the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. 


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Much of your quality of health depends on how you spend your time. When you bring an infrared sauna into your home you begin a new chapter in your health journey, as it impacts your daily wellbeing rituals and routines. 

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