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We provide top quality infrared saunas for home and commercial use. But we don't just sell saunas...we work with you to create the healthy home and habits you need, so you can live a long and healthy life.

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What Makes Us Different

We're leaders in the infrared sauna industry. We aim to inspire a global movement of better health experienced in the spaces we inhabit and within ourselves. Found—Space is for anyone who wants to embrace life by making the necessary changes to continue to grow and thrive.

And while we encourage any effort to create a healthier home space, we're not here to tell you how to live, but support you as you discover your own way to better health and wellness.

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Sweat To Succeed

Why Infrared Sauna

Better health and wellbeing starts in the home. Investing in an infrared sauna could be a significant moment on your journey towards better health and deeper connections with yourself and others.

When you take an infrared sauna regularly, we are confident you will begin to feel better, and perform better. You’ll go to sleep relaxed, and wake up refreshed. You’ll feel clarity in your mind and feel better in your body.

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Personalised Experience

We do everything with you in mind. From your initial Sauna Specialist consultation until your sauna is installed and embedded into your home and life, we will take care of you.

We'll guide you on how to achieve the best results with your Found—Space sauna, from recommended sauna sessions to tailored education.

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The Benefits

Feel the difference.

Feel good in the body you live your life in.


Start Your Sauna Journey

Our friendly Sauna Specialists are ready to hear about your health and wellness goals, and help you find your perfect sauna.

Free Science Of Sauna Guide

Finding clear and factual information about how infrared sauna works can be difficult, so we've gathered the key scientific information about infrared sauna and how it may benefit your health. 

For The Love Of Our Earth

Our purpose is to create a healthier world. That’s why in the effort to offset our carbon footprint and give back to earth, we donate to the environmental organisation Greening Australia.

Greening Australia is committed to tackling Australia’s greatest environmental challenges in ways that work for communities, economies and nature. For more information, visit


Transform Your Home

Enquire today to connect with our friendly Sauna Specialists who will guide you through the home and lifechanging Found—Space experience.

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Start Your Sauna Journey

Whether you're after an infrared sauna for your home or business, we're here to work with you to help you reach your goals.

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