Pain Relief

Dealing with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, osteo-arthritis,  pain in the back, neck, joints, or pain related to injury?

Find out how to better manage your pain naturally and how an iHealth Infrared Sauna can have a profound impact on pain relief. 


“We have had amazing results from the time we installed our Sauna. The difference it has made to our weight loss, skin and pain relief is honestly fantastic. We do use our Sauna daily around 8:30 pm before we shower and go to bed. We find it relaxing and having a 2 seater is great to spend those 30 minutes with hubby and myself reflecting on the day with no interruptions, good quality time. Best thing we ever did was purchasing a Sauna.”
Lindie Van Vuuren

6 Symptoms of Arthritis & Inflammation

6 Symptoms of Arthritis & Inflammation

Waking up sore? Having trouble opening your hands and gripping objects tightly? Experiencing constant pain in the joints? Chances are you have some sort of chronic inflammation. Diseases related to inflammation of the body such as arthritis and fibromyalgia are very common amongst Australians. You are not alone. In May 2016, Arthritis Australia reported that 3.9 million Australian’s were currently diagnosed. This report did not cover Fibromyalgia or any other inflammatory diseases.


Top 3 Sauna Sessions for Arthritis and Inflammation

3 iHealth Sauna Session for Pain Relief

All iHealth Saunas can be setup differently depending on what you want out of your sessions. A setup for muscle recovery looks and feels quite different to a session set up for issues related to inflammation. We really encourage our clients to try some different sessions and see what works. Try your sauna at night, then try it in the morning, with different settings.


Six Natural Remedies For Inflammatory Diseases

Six Natural Remedies For Arthritis

There is nothing more debilitating than constant, chronic pain. But as we continue to learn that painkillers aren’t the long-term answer, and that the GP doesn’t have many solutions up their sleeve, what options do we have to cope with arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic pain? How to reduce inflammation in general? Well as always with health, once we bring it back to simplicity, we find there are in fact many natural remedies worth trying that do may give short term relief!



Pain is often related to poor blood circulation in the body. Increasing blood circulation through exercise, tea, sauna or hot baths helps move oxygen rich blood throughout the body, into the muscles and joints and aids our body in reducing inflammation in painful areas.

So, if nothing else, working toward increasing your circulation is one way to help reduce your pain. Plus, any activity that promotes an increase in circulation also has other benefits to your body too.  


iHealth Saunas work by heating the body directly, penetrating 4 - 5 cm into the skin, creating a cardiovascular workout whilst removing heavy metals and toxins via sweat. The body increases it's circulation as cardiovascular output increases to manage the temperature increase whilst in an iHealth Sauna.

This moves fresh oxygen to the extremities, muscles and joints via the blood, resulting in a net increase in circulation and a decrease in overall pain throughout problem areas. 

Did you know?


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Pain relief is the


reason why people choose to invest in an iHealth Sauna

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is the average annual cost to a person suffering chronic pain

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5 Things you can do to reduce pain and lose weight this week

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3 Sauna Sessions for Arthritis

3 Sauna Sessions for Arthritis

Alex Tyson talks about three different sauna sessions for Inflammation.

The Ultimate Detox
The Inflammation Killer
The Morning Warm Up


What You Need To Know

What You Need To Know

Alex Tyson delves into all of the tough questions related to Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and diseases related to inflammation.

What actually is Arthritis and inflammation?
Why do so many Australian's have these diseases?
What can we do about it in the short and long term?
Does an infrared sauna help and how?




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