What's Important To Us

We started as a family. And family will always run through our blood. Over time, as our company has grown, so has our family. Anyone who comes into our orbit, from employees to the agencies and contractors we work with, and the people who are in any way interested in our brand is treated with respect and kindness. While we sell amazing products, its the experience we aim to enhance. Because people live through experiences, not things.


Our purpose is to create a healthier world. Giving daily effort to improve or maintain your health you can live a healthy life is the way to live a happy life. And when you’re health is covered, you’re in the best position to give back to others.


From our homes, communities, planet, we care about the space we live our lives in. And we care about the people who we share these spaces with. Your sauna purchase supports Greening Australia’s efforts to address Australia’s biggest environmental challenges.


We’re called human beings, not human doings. That’s why we care about how we experience our days, and how you experience yours. Because life is happening now. Don’t miss it, make it yours.


Quality and care is a non-negotiable. From the items we create and sell, to the experiences we design to get them to you, we always strive to provide the best of the best.

Our Name



The space we use to connect internally. Creating space for ones self within an infrared sauna. The the inner sense of space we can notice when we are still and quiet.

Our Positioning

Not Just A Sauna Company

We don’t just sell infrared saunas. We create empowering experiences for people who want to improve their health, energy and life. We aim to support your physical, environmental and spiritual habits, as we believe that creating the change in your life you want starts in the home, the body and mind, and in the heart.

Our Logo

Transcend Your Limits

The Found—Space icon symbolises the journey we go through to realise our true potential, derived from the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid.

The Infrared Sauna Experience

Our Signature Experience

The Found—Space sauna experience does not just involve a daily sweat. The incorporation of a sauna into your health and wellbeing routine is the beginning of a new journey towards a more fulfilled life. It is the cause and the facilitator of positive change. Until you notice how you’ve changed....

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