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From iHealth To Found—Space

"Here, these look like they could be good for you." Peter Tyson said as he affectionately threw a brochure at his wife. Miriam looked down to see an image of an infrared sauna alongside a list of health benefits enjoyed from using one regularly. Sleep better, lose weight, detoxify..."Well, if they do even half the things they say they do, I want one!" she exclaimed.

Established in 2008, iHealth Saunas was born from Peter and Miriam Tyson's passion for health and helping people to look after themselves. After working with another infrared sauna company, they developed their own model and brand so they could deliver the quality and customer service they felt was missing in the industry. Ever since then, iHealth Saunas has become renowned for its quality product and amazing service.

After taking it over, their son Alex guided the company into the digital age while evolving the brand to one of the most empathetic and progressive in the industry. iHealth Saunas reached more people across Australia than ever, with thousands welcoming a top-quality infrared sauna into their homes. Alex believes there is a part within all of us that wants to achieve better health, and that everyone who wants to can, no matter their current situation. His personal passion is to help people to take the action they need to live healthier and longer lives, and this passion has become part of the DNA of the company.

In 2021, Alex (now CEO) recognised that the company's purpose was to 'create a healthier world'. And that to reach its potential, iHealth Saunas needed to continue to evolve and shed all limiting beliefs to become all it could be - just as humans must to do the same. He wanted to create a brand that would make a global impact and inspire a movement of better health experienced in the spaces we inhabit and within ourselves.

So, iHealth Saunas was re-born as Found—Space. We are a health technology company that recreates home spaces to better serve health and wellbeing. We provide items for the home and education that helps you to live a long and healthy life.

Welcome to Found—Space. Welcome home.

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Born from Australian roots, a sense of family is the backbone of our company.

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Everything we do is for our customers. When you thrive, we thrive.

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