How do I use an Found-Space sauna?

1. Turn your Found-Space Sauna on and set the desired session temperature and time using the digital control panel. We recommend sauna sessions should last around 30-45 minutes at 45°C – 50°C.  

 2. Allow approximately 10-30 minutes for the sauna to warm up before beginning a session, however it is perfectly OK to be inside the sauna as it warms up.   

3. The heaters will automatically maintain the desired temperature inside the sauna. The ceiling vent can be opened at any time for air circulation. If you are still too warm, open the door until you feel comfortable.   

4. Position the Found-Space Movable Pure Wave ceramic heaters to specific areas like feet, legs and calves.   

5. To absorb perspiration and keep the sauna tidy during the session, place a towel on the bench and floor of the sauna. Keep one towel handy to wipe excessive sweat from your body.   

6. Remember to always drink plenty of water before, during and after your Found—Space Sauna session.   

7. Taking a hot shower or bath prior to the sauna session will promote further perspiration.

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