Episode 43: Jay Crouch

Giving Your Best Effort  

Jay Crouch is a CrossFit athlete based out of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. He's been to the CrossFit Games four times, two times in a team and then two times individually. Jay has been practicing CrossFit since he was 13. Yes, you heard that correct 13 and works as an electrician on the side to be able to fund his dream of becoming the fittest athlete in the world.
This interview explores the mindset required to be in the most elite fittest athletes in the world. ie. The CrossFit Games. We talk about what it's like being on the floor with some of the biggest and fittest men standing next to you. The mindset required for that the recovery required between each of those events. How Jay Is looking after himself from a nutrition point of view during an event. How is recovering and supporting his body? We explore some of the things outside of the CrossFit world that Jay does to help him perform at the highest level.
Instagram: @jaycrouch_


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