Who Should Not Use Infrared Saunas

Whilst using infrared saunas regularly can have amazing health benefits, not everyone can use them - so who should not use infrared saunas? Below we list those who should not use infrared saunas and answer common questions we get asked about who can use saunas including: 

  • Can you sauna on prescription medication?
  • Can you sauna with alcohol?
  • Can you sauna with heart conditions?
  • Can you sauna with blood conditions?

Found—Space has been supplying top quality saunas to Australians since 2008, making us Australia’s longest-running infrared sauna company. All of our saunas are designed in Australia, are constructed with superior craftsmanship and are Australian Electrically Certified. Here is who can and can’t use infrared saunas:

Using Infrared Saunas - Who Can And Can’t

If you have an existing condition or aren’t quite sure if you should use an infrared sauna we always recommend consulting your healthcare practitioner (especially those with a heart condition or who are prone to bleeding). If you have an insensitivity to heat, have a fever, have a condition that inhibits your ability to sweat or have a pacemaker or defibrillator - we don’t recommend using an infrared sauna. 

Can you sauna on prescription medication?

Whilst most prescription medication is fine, some medications can affect your body’s ability to manage heat. It is best to speak with a healthcare professional before using your sauna if you are on prescription medication. 

Can you sauna with alcohol?

We don’t recommend drinking alcohol while in your sauna. It is super important to stay hydrated so we recommend drinking water before, during and post your sauna session. Alcohol dehydrates you and can inhibit your judgment so you may not be able to determine when it’s time to hop out. Plus it can also increase your heart rate. The same goes if you have a hangover too. 

Can you sauna with heart conditions?

If you have a heart condition, we recommend seeking advice from your health practitioner and you should always exercise caution when using your sauna. 

Can you sauna with blood conditions?

As above, it is best to seek advice from your local healthcare professional before using an infrared sauna if you have a blood condition. 

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