What Temperature Should an Infrared Sauna Be?

Infrared saunas heat the body directly using a safe wavelength of light that we feel as heat (as opposed to heating the space around you like traditional saunas). This is why many people find infrared saunas more comfortable as the temperatures are lower, however, what temperature should an infrared sauna be to ensure you get the most out of it? Find out what temperature an infrared sauna should be set at below along with some other useful tips on how to make your sauna a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

Found—Space has been supplying top quality saunas and customer service to Australians since 2008 making us Australia’s longest-running infrared sauna company. We pride ourselves on not being just a sauna company and aim to provide useful & relevant health and wellness information to support our customers. Here is information on what is the ideal temperature for an infrared sauna: 

What Is The Ideal Temperature For An Infrared Sauna?

What is the ideal temperature for an infrared sauna will depend on your preferences and what is most comfortable for you. However, we do recommend setting your temperature around 45°C - 55°C with a session duration of approximately 30-45 minutes. Our infrared saunas have a digital control panel where you set your desired temperature and time before your session (it’s totally fine to be in your sauna as it heats up). 

To get the most out of your sauna, here are some more useful tips: 

  • Drink water before, during and after your sauna sessions - this helps to keep you hydrated and to regulate your temperature 
  • A cold shower after your session will help with a cool down and will cleanse your skin of perspiration & toxins that have been released (it can also activate cold shock proteins which may help assimilate fat for weight loss)
  • If you would like to lower the temperature during your sauna session, you can open the vent or door or turn the temperature down
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