Introducing Found—Space

“Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.”

- John F. Kennedy


We Believe Change Is Good

The drive to create something better is the backbone of all human progress. And those who don't shy away from change when it calls are the ones who live more fulfilled lives and make an impact on the world. 

We've always considered ourselves as so much more than a company that sells infrared saunas - we provide empowering experiences. The placement of a sauna in your home is a catalyst for change for your life. It's the item in your home that facilitates a new ritual that transforms your daily routine and boosts your energy, sharpens your focus and helps you to live longer.

An infrared sauna provides you with the fuel to evolve. And just as you can and should evolve, we need to as well.


Why We Need To Change

Our purpose is to create a healthier world. And while the iHealth Saunas brand has enabled us to have thousands of meaningful conversations with wonderful people interested in infrared saunas, the name restricts our ability to show how much more we are than just a sauna company. By changing our brand, we are carving out the space for a brighter future where we can scale these meaningful conversations and make an even bigger impact on the world.


Introducing Found—Space Saunas

Found—Space is a health technology company that helps people recreate their home spaces to better serve their wellbeing. We provide items for your home and education that help you live a long and healthy life, starting with infrared sauna.

We'll provide the same top quality infrared saunas and customer service, just with a bigger, better, more purposeful energy.

Found—Space may feel new, but we'll be making sure you become properly acquainted with our new brand over the coming weeks. 

This is a big step for us. iHealth Saunas has built an incredible reputation over the almost 20 years the company has been in business. So we hope you will support us as we enter this new chapter, and we welcome your feedback as it unfolds. 

Welcome to Found—Space. Welcome home. 


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