This Is Where We Came From

Sauna has always been important to my family - not just as a way to improve our wellbeing but as a way to make a living. 

Established in 2008, my parents Miriam and Peter Tyson created iHealth Saunas to bring European quality to the Australian market. After working for other sauna companies, they recognised a need for a sauna company in Australia that delivered a high quality product and service.

Since taking over the family business, as well as selling saunas my team and I have worked hard to create a complete digital support system and wellbeing information hub for iHealth Sauna clients. 

iHealth Saunas is now Australia’s longest running infrared sauna company, renowned for the quality of our saunas and accessories, helpful service and a tight-knit community. This ongoing passion for excellence is the bedrock of everything iHealth Saunas offers.

Today, tomorrow and forever, our mission remains the same.

Help Australians optimise their health and happiness and that of their families. Whether you want to work on something specific or your reason for looking into infrared sauna is ‘I’ve just always liked sauna’, we know that an interest in sauna stems from a fundamental desire to be healthier. It’s inside all of us.

We're a family business, meaning everyone we connect with is family too. So we will always treat you with trust and care. Thanks for being a part of our family!


Alex Tyson, iHealth Saunas Owner

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Disclaimer: We are not licensed health care practitioners and we do not claim any specific health benefits from this information. You are responsible for your own health. Always consult a medical professional before using an iHealth Sauna


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