Sauna Sessions: Part 2

Last time on the blog, we discussed two sauna sessions that are great for anyone to try: The Detox and The Restless Dreamer. We’re got a few more for you this time.

I want a coffee… but I don’t really want a coffee.

This session is great fun. Set your sauna to turn on half an hour before you want to use it in the morning for a minimum of 55 degrees, but push it to 60 if you can. Make sure you drink at least 750ml of water beforehand. Given it’s the morning, your body won’t be super hydrated because you’ve just been sleeping for hours. Once you’re in the sauna, drink another 2 litres. It sounds like a lot but you’ll be surprised how much you can get down when you’re sweating it out. 

The lymphatic system will start to work again after being dormant all night. You’re going to feel awake, clear out some sludge and maybe even your bowels after the session… a great start to the day for your body.

Turn your LED setting to yellow. This will stimulate the pineal gland and tell your body “Hey! It’s time to wake up, the day has started!” Stay in the sauna for 15-20 minutes max, hop out and get into a cold shower. Yes, cold. When you’re all clean, finish the session off by drinking the juice of two lemons. We promise, you won’t be needing a coffee after this. You’ll be bouncing around the house with so much energy!


15-Minute Kick Start

This session is very popular for those with inflammatory diseases, arthritis and polymyalgia rheumatic. It’s generally a great one to get your circulation going first thing in the morning and aids with stiffness and soreness too. Pre set the sauna to turn on before you get out of bed, to 35-40 degrees. Having a short session at a low temperate means you can get in, get your circulation going, give your lymphatic system a nice boost and get out again before the full sweat session takes hold.

It’s a great way to get some quick relief, before starting your day.


Warm up/ Cool Down/ Recovery

This session is perfect if you’re an active person, before or after a workout. Set the sauna between 45-55 degrees and pop in for 15 minutes pre and post your exercise. It will get the blood pumping into all those tired muscles and joints, helping to either start your workout with already warmed muscles, or aiding with recovery afterwards. You’ll notice a difference the day after especially when those DOMs aren’t so bad.


Try a few of these suggestions and see what works for you. You can even try combining them and do two sessions in one day. It’s about you and your body; these sessions are simply a guide to get you going. If you’d like further advice, feel free to contact Alex as always.


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