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Infrared sauna is a powerful tool for managing stress - and we can all use a helping hand with that with the year we're having!

As you enjoy sweating away in a hot sauna, perhaps you'll notice your mind quieten, your muscles relax and any anxiety melt away. These are common signs that your activating your parasympathetic nervous system and shifting from a stressful state into a state of relaxation.

🔥But the heat itself isn't the only thing that will help you relax in some of our saunas.

If you're thinking about investing in an iHealth Sauna as a way to better manage your stress, look out for these features to help you along even more.

💡Colour therapy lighting

Different colours indicate different frequencies of light, which our eyes and skin are very sensitive to. Using the colour therapy system, you can set the vibe in your sauna to suit your preference. For example, set it as blue in the morning to leave you feeling alert but calm. Or switch it to red to signal to your brain it's the end of the day and time to relax. 

👃Essential Oils

Just like light, our brain and body are hyper sensitive to the sense of smell, and can have a powerful influence on memory and emotion. So use the built in aromatherapy system to create a smell-and-feel-good space in your sauna. Typical calming scents include Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood and Frankincense.

🎵Bluetooth Sound System

And nourish your mind and soul with what it needs by playing soothing tunes or an inspiring podcast on the bluetooth sound system. Sauna can users kick back and relax to binaural beats, guided meditations, or the sounds of nature such as waves on the beach or birds chirping.

And through combining the use of infrared sauna, light, colour, smell and sound, you can create a powerful, multi-sensory, relaxation experience.

Ready to shop? Check out these sauna options....


Lite Range 🔥🎵

Want to de-stress, but keep it simple? Our Lite Range of saunas has all you need to heat up, kick back and enjoy all the health benefits of infrared sauna. 

This sauna will make you sweat. No frills, no fuss, just beautiful infrared sauna.


Full Spectrum 🔥🎵💡

Reigning at the intersection of luxury ownership and experience, our Premium Range sauna is for the person who cares to carve out time in their day for themselves. 

The pinnacle of infrared sauna excellence. 


Premium Range 🔥🎵💡👃

Refined and improved upon for the past 11 years, the Premium Range offers the signature iHealth Sauna experience with all the bells and whistles, for ultimate relaxation.

The benchmark of sauna quality.

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