The key to fitness is consistency. Put in the hard yards and you’ll earn the muscle tone and weight loss you’ve been craving. But this doesn’t mean every mile should be a struggle. Fitness tech and gadgets are the helping hand you need to turn your never-ending quest for muscle into an achievable goal. Read the full article at

4. The future of muscle recovery

What if we told you sitting in a sauna was more than just relaxing? It can actually boost your fitness if used correctly. Alex Tyson, from iHealth Saunas, gave us the scoop on the fitness benefits of an infrared sauna:

“Our clients chose infrared sauna to reduce pain, lose weight and feel energised. However there are many fitness benefits to using an infrared sauna also. Leading Australian Crossfit athlete Rob Forte uses his iHealth Sauna for muscle recovery after a workout. The infrared sauna works by keeping the circulation moving whilst resting the muscles, providing a cardio workout without moving! By using sauna regularly, our clients can lose weight too as using the infrared sauna burns calories. Jumping out of the sauna into a cold shower also benefits the body by creating thermogenesis in our fat stores making them easier for our body to assimilate!”

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