LIVE Again - Insights

Over the last couple of weeks I am so grateful to be delivering the "LIVE Again Experience" to new owners of an iHealth premium sauna. I just wanted to share some of my insights so far.

Firstly, just a reminder. Our clients are coming to us for 3 main reasons;

1. To reduce pain caused by either old injuries (or some new ones) or pain as a result of some sort of inflammatory disease in the body such as arthritis. They are sick of taking drugs, disillusioned by some of the health care professionals and just want to try something natural without the side effects.

2. To lose weight, like many people over 40 they've tried many things to shift the excess fat or their weight has just crept up on them over the years. And again, just want try something that is natural and in our experience gets results.

3. Want more energy. They lead and have led busy lives and are just not feeling like they used to. They want to be able to keep up with kids or grand children! And have more energy to create great memories, such as holidays.

What I have found does not surprise me, and reconfirms why I am doing what I am doing. I want to show people that in most cases, regardless of your age, you can, with just a few minor changes, improve these areas of your life and more. I want to have a positive impact on as many people as possible.

I have found that most (actually all the people I have spoken to) do not drink enough water. The simple act of being properly hydrated can help with all of the above!  So why wouldn't you? For some it's just they don't know how much is enough and for others they may be aware they are not drinking enough, but are so far off from having enough that the gap is too big to bridge. Regardless of where you are just start to drink more water and less coffee and soft drink. 1 tip; next time you feel that afternoon dip in energy, drink 500ml of water rather than caffeine or a sweet biscuit! And read this article, click here.

I have also found that our customers have a genuine desire to improve their health and are committed to doing so. You see, most people are interested in improving their health but not everyone is committed. My suggestion, find a reason that is bigger than your excuses.

Finally, I am pleased to report that our clients love the "LIVE Again Experience". To learn more about LIVE Again, click here.

P.S. Alex is currently enjoying a well earned break in Italy, hence the image above.


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