Changing your lifestyle can be difficult. We set out to eat differently, exercise more regularly or quit a bad habit - only to find ourselves slipping back into the old routine a short while later. That is, until we find something that sticks. Something that clicks. Something that just works. 

That’s what we call your ah-ha health moment, and it’s not always easy to find - but that’s what the Sweat It Out podcast is all about.


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Like many Australians, iHealth Sauna Owner and health enthusiast Alex Tyson is on an endless journey to improve his health and wellness. He started the Sweat It Out podcast to help make the difficult journey of finding your ah-ha health moment a little bit easier. 

We sat down with Alex for a Q&A session to learn more about his inspiring mission - here’s what he had to say.

What inspired you to start the Sweat It Out podcast?

We have some pretty amazing clients with inspiring health stories, so the initial inspiration for the Sweat It Out podcast began as a desire to give them a platform to share their health knowledge and experiences. I thought it would be fun to interview guests in the sauna as I always have great conversations with people when getting sweaty in the sauna. 

Ultimately,  I wanted to inspire others to live as healthy as possible to experience the most life has to offer. 

I guess I had many reasons to begin the podcast! 

What was your ah-ha health moment and how did it make you feel?

My ah-ha moment was when I linked the connection between good health and the quality of my life. The higher the level of health I am experiencing at any moment, the better quality of life I seem to experience. This led me to focus solely on my own healing and the improvement of my health over the last seven years. Living healthier became my number one focus, and I currently experience a level of health, vitality and therefore quality of life that I never could have imagined previously. 



Who is the podcast for - who are you trying to reach? 

This podcast is for those who want to get the most out of life - those who want to be inspired and take action to seek out everything this short time on the planet has to offer. Not just through their health, but also their wealth, time management, depth of relationships, career etc - we cover it all in this podcast.



What’s your goal for the podcast - what is its purpose? 

To inspire others to make healthy changes and to help people learn more about health and wellness. If each episode helps just one person make a 1% improvement in their life, then I’m happy. The ripple effect of 1% changes over years plays a significant impact in not just our own lives, but the lives of those around us - this is how we create a lasting impact.



What do you enjoy most about creating the podcast? 

I enjoy learning and the opportunity to speak with incredible health professionals from around the world. This podcast gives me the ability to learn from the best and facilitate a powerful conversation for the listeners. 

Of course, I also enjoy the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and story too.



What have you learned the most from hosting the podcast? 

I’ve learned something from every episode. Each guest has their own lens which they look through in their approach to health and life, and so there are always things to take on board and consider. 

I’ve certainly become better at hosting the podcast since starting too. The biggest learning for me is how to hold space during the podcast which at times can be challenging over zoom. I’m the sort of person who wants to say ‘mmm’ or ‘yep’ a lot as people talk - it’s that natural response I have when I’m assimilating what people are saying to me. But I’ve learned to shut up a little more!



What has the reaction been to your podcast from your listeners? 

The reaction has been great! All the feedback I’ve received has been positive. 

What has been particularly rewarding is hearing feedback from my friends. Oftentimes friends and family are the last to understand what you’re good at in your career - so it’s been awesome hearing that what i am doing is resonating with them too.

I’ve also heard from many people that aren’t on a healthy journey yet that they found the podcast helpful. This is the whole purpose of my podcast, so this sort of feedback fills me with joy!



What does the future of the podcast look like? 

I see the podcast shifting further into being about life success, life happiness and simply about getting the most out of life. My purpose is to embody healthy change, to create a healthier world - and this podcast is another channel for me to do that. 

If you haven’t had a chance to tune into the Sweat It Out podcast yet, head to your favourite podcast platform and get ready to find your ah-ha health moment! Listen here.





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