Installing An Infrared Sauna In Your Home: Everything You Need To Know

When people hear the word sauna, they immediately think steam sauna. They think too hot, uncomfortable and wet. They think plumbing, lots of electricity and the need to sacrifice an entire room.

Put simply, an iHealth Infrared Sauna has none of these draw backs. So please let me dispel these myths for you and give you confidence in finding best place to locate an infrared sauna.

Most of our clients put their sauna in the spare bedroom, outside undercover or in the garage. Above you can see some other places our clients choose to locate their sauna.

Here are the requirements you need for an iHealth Sauna to be installed in your home.
Please note: Not all sauna brands are as accomodating as ours ;)

What You Need:

  • Any flat surface - carpet, tiles, floorboards, cement etc
  • 240V power point
  • Upstairs or Downstairs. Our saunas come flat packed so we can carry each panel individually even into those tight spaces under the stairs or in the attic.
  • Can be installed outside undercover unless it will get wet every time it rains
  • Standard doorway access
  • Hard against a wall. Our saunas are well insulated and the panels are very thick. This means the heat stays in and doesn't transfer onto any nearby walls.

What You Don't Need:

  • Plumbing. There's no steam. The only moisture is coming from you. 
  • Special wiring. Our saunas are efficient in heating you. They don't require a 15 Amp power point
  • Ventilation
  • An argument on whether you should convert the en suit into a sauna room or not

We are an Australian owned business. We have a network of sauna installers across the country who work for us. We don't outsource installation to a contractor who has no interest in the product. 

I hope the above makes it a little easier for you to understand what requirements you need. If you are still unsure if you have space, download our sauna locator pdf and watch the video below. 


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