It is widely known the infrared sauna is a great way to reduce pain, lose weight, sleep better and recover faster from exercise. The reason infrared sauna is so good at addressing these ailments is because of the sauna's ability to create a cardiovascular workout on the body without movement!

In this video I demonstrate how powerful the sauna is at increasing the circulation throughout the body by testing how much deeper I can stretch after just 30 minutes in the sauna... without moving.

How is this possible?

Whilst in the sauna, my body is starting to activate it’s heat response. This means I will see an increase in heart rate, increase in blood flow and therefore also an increase in oxygen flowing through the system. Once hot enough, my body will start to sweat in order to cool itself.

The interesting part about this is that I’m not actually moving. Saunas are such a great way to create cardiovascular work on the body without using your muscles. This is great for people who are injured, have recently undergone surgery or just aren’t able to move. It’s also great if you’re sore form a workout and want to exercise without putting strain on your muscular system.

As my body heats up and my circulation increases, my muscles will loosen which will allow me to stretch deeper into my legs when I hop out. In fact as you will see, I am able to stretch almost an inch extra compared with my pre-sauna stretch.

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