How Much Electricity Does An Infrared Sauna Use?

There are a few factors that determine exactly how much electricity does an infrared sauna use. Below, find out what impacts electricity costs and whether home saunas use a lot of electricity.

FoundSpace is an Australian, family-run business that has been supplying top quality saunas and customer service to Australians since 2008. We pride ourselves on not just being a sauna company - we provide useful and relevant health & wellness information to support our customers as they incorporate sauna into their daily lives. Do saunas use a lot of electricity? Read on to find out! 

Do Home Saunas Use A Lot Of Electricity?

The good news is that in addition to heating your body at a much more comfortable temperature, infrared saunas are much cheaper to run than traditional saunas and use minimal electricity. 

The factors that impact how much power does an infrared sauna use include: 

  • How often it is used, how long your sauna sessions are and how high the temperature is set 
  • What your local cost per kilowatt-hour is
  • When you use your infrared sauna (e.g. peak or off-peak electricity times) 
  • The size of your sauna

To find out exactly how much power does an infrared sauna use, multiply your local cost per kilowatt-hour (this can usually be found on your power bill) by the saunas kilowatt rating and how much you will use your infrared sauna. 

On average, if you use your sauna three times a week electricity usage can be as low as $2* per week. So, when you consider the health & wellbeing benefits (infrared saunas have been shown to reduce pain & inflammation, improve cardiovascular health, aid weight loss and improve sleep) you can see why they are so popular!

*based on 30c per KWh and sauna rated at 1.9KW used for an hour 3 times per week

Adjusting the temperature setting on an energy-efficient Infrared Sauna

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