Have You Considered An Infrared Sauna For Your Business?

Today, more than ever as a business owner you are always searching for ways to stand out from the crowd. How can you attract more customers, and retain them? Maybe you’re a massage therapist, natural healer, beauty clinic owner or even a gym owner? In this article we will point out some of the potential benefits of purchasing a far infrared sauna for your business, and provide a couple of case studies from iHealth Sauna customers that have successfully incorporated an iHealth far infrared sauna into their business.

The benefits for your business include the following: additional income stream, a point of difference, exposure to new customers, low running costs, more referrals as your clients will be feeling even better and even an increase in the value of your business. They are low maintenance, can be installed anywhere and offer an excellent return on investment.

iHealth saunas have hundreds of saunas around Australia being used in commercial applications. Everything from massage clinics to beauty salons, natural therapy clinics to gyms. The businesses range in size from small at home set ups to gyms with several locations and saunas. We work with these business owners and provide advice on firstly choosing the correct model and then ways to incorporate the sauna into their business successfully. We view this relationship as an on-going partnership. As we do not have permanent showrooms in all states we often liaise with the business owners if someone wants to try one of our saunas. This practice provides the opportunity for the business owners to introduce their services to a potential customer that would likely not have come into contact with them otherwise.

One of our existing clients is a gym franchise in Perth that has 3 sites. A couple of years ago they decided that they would trial a couple of iHealth Infrared Saunas. They decided to charge their members a discount rate and have a standard rate for non-members. Almost immediately the saunas were booked up back to back. They have since added an additional 8 saunas and they are all getting used heavily. The gym has created a point of difference, the members are happier resulting in better retention and they are making very good revenue.

There is a massage clinic in Hobart that has 3 of our saunas. They started with one and found they needed the additional saunas as the popularity was increasing. Their clients that use the sauna as part of their treatment are getting better results and the clinic owner is delighted with her decision to purchase iHealth saunas for her business.

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