Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

Can saunas help you lose weight? Yes, they can! Infrared sauna use has been shown to aid in weight loss in addition to many other health benefits. Below, find out how do you lose weight in a sauna from Australia’s longest-running infrared sauna company. 

FoundSpace has been supplying top quality saunas in Australia since 2008 and we pride ourselves on providing unbeatable customer service. We strive to support every customers’ personal journey towards better health to ensure they absolutely get the most out of their sauna and the many benefits of using infrared saunas. Here is how infrared saunas can help you lose weight including how saunas can help lose belly fat.

How Do You Lose Weight In A Sauna? 

When you have higher temperature infrared sauna sessions, your heart rate can reach 150bpm which boosts your cardiovascular performance, helping to burn calories. Studies have shown some cardiovascular and metabolic effects of repeated sauna bathing.

So if you use your sauna regularly, this can aid weight loss (some clients have been known to lose between 1 - 5 kg with their FoundSpace Sauna). For optimal weight loss results, we can provide you with info on weight session recommendations and advise you on how to use your sauna specifically to achieve weight loss goals.

Other ways infrared saunas can help you lose weight include: 

  • Because infrared sauna use can improve overall health & wellbeing, this helps you to be more active
  • Improving your sleep (which can increase energy levels). Sleep deprivation has also been linked to obesity as it can increase the hormone ghrelin (which makes us feel hungry whilst decreasing the production of leptin, the hormone which makes us feel satisfied)
  • Boosting circulation 
  • Assisting with physical recovery through pain & inflammation reduction

Handy tip: Having a cold shower after using your infrared sauna can activate cold shock proteins in the body, which may also help assimilate fat and aid in weight loss.

Person in an infrared sauna to assist weight loss

Does Sauna Use Help Lose Belly Fat?

Whilst infrared sauna use doesn’t aid weight loss in specific areas as such, saunas can help lose belly fat because they do aid overall weight loss. We pride ourselves on helping our customers get the most out of their infrared saunas. We have a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of infrared saunas and will work with you to help you achieve your health & wellbeing goals. 

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