Ellyse Perry

"I've always been motivated to be able to do things better and loved the challenge of continuing to evolve. And I guess in a way, to chase perfection, I think that's pretty futile because you never get there.

But it gives you the means to train hard and question how you doing things, why are you doing them? And is there a different way or a better way to do it?"*


Sweat It Out Ep.26

'Love What You Do and Do It Well' With Ellyse Perry

As a keen student of high-performance training across various sports, Ellyse is an innovator who adapts what she has learned into her own training.

 Currently, the world’s top-ranked women’s all-rounder, the ever-modest Ellyse’s many accolades and ground-breaking firsts have Cricket Australia calling Ellyse “arguably the best athlete in Australia”. In addition, she's secured endorsements from Adidas, Fox Sports, and CommBank, and in 2019 she became an author with the release of her first book, Perspective.

During my conversation with Ellyse, we talk about being a professional sportsperson in quarantine, making your training practices your own, and the future of women's sport.

*Quote has been edited for length and clarity.

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