3 iHealth Sauna Sessions For Pain Relief

All iHealth Saunas can be setup differently depending on what you want out of your sessions. A sauna for muscle recovery uses different temps, times etc compared to a session set up for pain relief

Below are three sessions you should try if you have arthritis, fibromyalgia or any health issues related to inflammation. To learn more on Pain relief, including natural ways to manage your pain click here.

1. Ultimate Detox

The Ultimate Detox is the main session we recommend for all first time users, although it's also great for those with chronic inflammation on an ongoing basis. Set your sauna between 44 and 55 degrees. Prior to your session, enjoy a nice, hot chamomile tea. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and the hot tea will promote a quicker sweat. Enjoy a session for 30 – 45 minutes. Ensure you drink 1.5 – 2L whilst in your sauna, hop out, have a cool shower and enjoy the glow. Simple!

Watch how Darren uses his iHealth Sauna for pain relief.

2. Inflammation killer

Set the temperature 5 degrees hotter than you normally would. So if you like the temperature at 55, have the sauna at 60. Only this time, hop in for only half the time you normally use the sauna. Once time is up, jump straight out of and into a cold shower for 1 minute. Feel free to jump around and scream when you’re in the shower! It must be cold, not luke warm. Repeat the process 2 times.

Hot to cold treatment has been used for centuries, especially in the birthplace of saunas, Finland and Sweden. Hot to cold treatment acts as a healthy shock to the system, and helps in greatly reducing the inflammation in the body. This is why pro athletes now hop into cold baths after they play sport.

Drinking the correct amount of water is vital for this kind of session; we recommend nothing less than 2L.

Use the orange colour therapy light to really get the ‘hot’ feeling in the sauna.

This session is best if your sauna is near a pool or a shower. If your sauna isn’t near the bathroom, you’ll just have to run through the house to get there!

3. Morning warm up

The morning warm up is great if you wake up stiff in the morning after a night’s rest (or a night’s discomfort for some). Pre-set your sauna to turn on 30 minutes before you get out of bed. Once awake, hop straight in. This time, use the movable heaters to target any particularly sore areas, and enjoy the comforting warmth for 15 – 20 minutes. This will heat the body up, get the circulatory system working, and may bring some relief and allow you to go about your morning without having a full sweat session.

The three sessions above give you some more insight into how you can tailor your session for arthritis, however don’t be afraid to create your own sauna sessions too! Nobody knows your body better than you, so see what feels and works for you best for you.

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