WATCH: Why You Should Still Sauna In Summer

May 31, 2021
WATCH: Why You Should Still Sauna In Summer
In this video, Alex (owner of iHealth Saunas) tells you why you should still take regular infrared sauna in summer.
We get's too bloody hot in summer to take a sauna! But while you may think that you don't need to step into a sauna for a good sweat when it's too hot to handle outside, there are actually some specific benefits you get from infrared sauna heat. Plus - sauna is the BEST way to relax all year around....and we are all about kicking back and taking time out for yourself!
Watch this video to hear from Alex and the team about the health benefits of taking a sauna during the hot summer months! 
Infrared sauna has such a wide array of benefits. At iHealth Saunas we're using our infrared saunas right throughout the hot period this summer.
Below are some reasons to sauna in summer:
  • Reduction in biological inflammatory markers
  • Deeper sleep
  • Faster work out recovery
  • Reduction in weight
  • Detoxification

Want to experience all of these benefits during the summertime, right?
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