Lite vs Premium: What are the differences?

May 31, 2021
Lite vs Premium: What are the differences?

Hello! We hope your week so far has been filled with healthy food, clean water, exercise and happiness!

This week we’re going to cover a topic that we get asked about a lot: what are the differences between our Premium and Lite Sauna range?

What are the similarities?

  • All saunas are Australian Electrically Certified. You can read more about that here, but in a nutshell it means they’re as safe as can be.
  • The same carbon wall heaters are used in our entire product range. All are low EMF <3Mgus


What are the differences?

  • The Lite range has a two year warranty across the board, with the Premium having a lifetime heater warranty and five year warranty on both the cabinet and the electrical. There is an option to extend the warranty on the lite saunas to the same as the premium.
  • Lite sauna’s have carbon wall heaters, whereas Premium have both carbon heaters and moveable ceramic heaters. These allow you to move the heat to the areas you’d like to target, which is particularly popular with customers who have issues with their legs or feet.

  • Both ranges have a warm coloured LED light inside. The Premium also has a colour therapy light that can change colour according to the mood you’d like to set. Yellow in the morning is a great way to start your day, whilst blue is particularly relaxing and red is perfect before bed. Note this feature isn’t available in our one person standard sauna.
  • The Premium range comes with a few more extras. An essential oil dish, back rest, drink bottle and an iPhone holder are all included. We also throw in a set of stainless steel drink bottles, two robes and two pairs of slippers!


What does all this really mean?

At the end of the day, we want you to go home with the sauna that best suits your needs. The features are certainly important, but ensuring you have the right size model is just as important. You might be really busy or just struggle to sit still for too long, so the Lite sauna could be perfect for you. If you’re someone who would love to sit back and relax throughout your week with a sauna that can be set up just how you like it, then the Premium range is an investment worth looking in to.

An analogy we sometimes use is that it's like the difference between sitting in economy and business class on a long haul flight, you will arrive at the same time but the experience in business class is a more pleasurable one!

The best way to make your choice is to come and try out your options. Get in touch whenever you like and we’ll make it happen!

Happy saunering :)


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