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How To Clean Infrared Saunas

Sep 05, 2021
How To Clean Infrared Saunas

Maintaining your infrared sauna will help to keep it fresh and clean ensuring an enjoyable experience every time you hop in your sauna to relax and rejuvenate. Below find out how to clean your infrared sauna and tips for maintaining it so you can enjoy your sauna for years to come. 

Found—Space has been supplying top quality saunas to Australians since 2008, making us Australia’s longest-running infrared sauna company. We are passionate about helping people to improve their health and wellbeing by incorporating infrared saunas into a healthy lifestyle. We tailor usage guidelines to your specific goals and challenges and provide ongoing support through webinars and an online support group. Here is everything you need to know about how to clean your infrared sauna including how to clean sauna wood, how to clean a sauna floor and how to clean sauna benches.

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Cleaning Infrared Saunas

The good news is that infrared saunas produce dry heat they so they are much easier to maintain than other types of saunas. 

How To Clean Sauna Wood

How to clean sauna wood is very simple (and you don’t need to do it very often). The inside walls of our saunas are lacquer free. This is because we want to ensure the internal area of the saunas are free of toxins. 

Wipe surfaces with a gentle cleaning solution such as a diluted vinegar and water mix (you can also use baking soda or essential oils for this too). Ensure you give all areas a second wipe down with a cloth dampened with just water. 

We don’t recommend using heavy detergents or harsh chemicals in your sauna. 

You can also give areas light sand to remove stains or dents etc or use a natural oil sealer to keep your sauna looking sharp (for any glass surfaces, we recommend using a spray bottle filled with vinegar and water solution). 

How To Clean A Sauna Floor

When it comes to how to clean a sauna floor, you just need to give your sauna a quick vacuum every once in a while to clear out any dust etc. 

We also recommend putting a towel or carpet square on the floor for each session to absorb sweat and help prevent staining.

How To Clean Sauna Benches

Because you sweat during your sessions we recommend putting towels down on the bench of your sauna as this helps to absorb sweat and prevent any staining. 

Always try to use fresh, clean towels for each session and have a spare to wipe excess sweat off your body. As mentioned above, you can also lightly sand areas to help remove stains. 

We also recommend setting the timer on your sauna to run for a few minutes after you hop out to help dry out any sweat or remaining moisture.

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