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How SWEET is Nature!?

May 19, 2021
How SWEET is Nature!?

Today we’re chatting about one of our favourite things at Found—Space: fruit! We get a lot of health questions on how to compliment your wellbeing and sauna routine, and this is any easy dietary tip for anyone to take note of.

So what kind of fruits should you be eating?

All of them! We always encourage anyone to eat more fruit. Nature has made it so easy for us to eat it; most fruits hang from trees where we can easily pick them. The fruit starts to give off a beautiful aroma when it’s ripe, so we know when to eat it. Are you hungry? Eat an apple! These whole foods will fill us up when we would otherwise reach for a processed snack. They make us happy too! Have you ever seen someone eat a mango and look sad?

It is important to ensure the fruit you’re about to eat is ripe. People will often say they dislike certain fruit because they’ve tried it before and it didn’t have a pleasant texture. Try again, and this time, make sure it’s ripe for eating. Hard banana? Yuck. Soft apple? Not ideal either. The easiest way to nail it is to Google what the fruit should be like when it’s ripe. Supermarkets often stock fruit that isn’t ripe yet so it has a longer shelf like. If walk into Woolies and try a papaya, you’ll probably never eat one again!

Eating organic is also preferable. When you buy organic, you are generally buying produce that’s in season and grown locally.

Do different fruits have different benefits?

Of course! This largely depends on the water content. Watermelons and other melons such as cantaloupe (rockmelon) or honeydew are 96-98% water, and therefore provide amazing hydration benefits for the body. Melons are a great way to break your fast each day, as they take the least amount of energy to digest of any fruit or vegetable, hydrate the body very well and taste so good.

In contrast, bananas are far lower in water content and therefore aren’t particularly hydrating, however they do provide a good amount of natural sugar and fill you up more. A banana after some exercise is the perfect snack.

Is the sugar content in fruit the same as any other sugar?

No! Sugar content in fruit (glucose and fructose) is naturally occurring, and therefore interacts with the body far differently to refined sugars. There is a lot of controversy about fructose intolerance, people not eating fruit because of the ‘high’ sugar content. Processed, added sugar is an entirely different beast to its naturally occurring form. You can read more about this topic here.



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