Health Supercharged

Feb 16, 2022
Health Supercharged

How to use infrared sauna and shift your lifestyle to become healthier...

After over a decade of working in the family infrared sauna business, Found—Space CEO Alex Tyson sat down and began to write a book. Motivated by his passion for promoting how infrared sauna can help create a healthy, happy and long life, he tirelessly poured his passion into what is now in print today.....introducing Health Supercharged.

Health Supercharged is for anyone who wants to make a change. Anyone who wants to improve their health today, and wake up healthy tomorrow. Anyone who is willing to consider using infrared sauna to make it happen. Because it can, and it will if you embrace it. Alex is here to tell you how.

In Health Supercharged, Alex uses a science-based, common-sense approach to help you super charge your health. Showcasing the six fundamentals of health and how they can be combined with infrared sauna for maximum benefits. Learn more about the benefits of infrared sauna here.

So don't wait — put these simple strategies to use and watch your body mind and ultimately your life transform. 

Get your hands on Health Supercharged via Amazon here.


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