Dylan Alcott Says You Can Do It

Jul 12, 2022
Dylan Alcott Says You Can Do It

"You can have a goal to win, but you can't have an expectation. The only expectation you can have is to be the best version of you every single time that you compete.

And that's not just playing well; that's good sportsmanship, being a good bloke and having good preparation. It's not just about winning.*

Dylan Alcott


Podcast Interview: You Can Do It

Could the story you're telling yourself about who you are now and who you will become be limiting your decisions and experiences?

In this episode, Found—Space CEO Alex power chats with tennis Golden Slam winner and disability activist Dylan Alcott. They discuss the decisions we can make to supercharge our personal and professional mindset, changing the narrative around disability, and the village it takes to become one of the most accomplished tennis players in history.

This powerful conversation will make you re-think the story you're telling yourself about what you can or can't achieve, and inspire you to decide to reach higher.


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