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Can Infrared Saunas Be Used Outdoors?

Jun 21, 2021
Can Infrared Saunas Be Used Outdoors?

Our infrared saunas have been designed with space in mind so they can be conveniently placed in your home, but can infrared saunas be used outdoors? Below, discover the saunas in our range and find out if you can put an infrared sauna outside. 

Found—Space has been supplying top quality saunas to Australians since 2008, making us Australia’s longest-running infrared sauna company. We pride ourselves on not only providing the highest quality infrared sauna systems in Australia but also the customer service to match! We are passionate about helping our clients to get the most out of their sauna and enjoy the health benefits of regular infrared sauna sessions. Can you put an infrared sauna outside? Find out below.

Can You Put An Infrared Sauna Outside?

Yes! You can put an infrared sauna outside, just be sure to check that it is a sauna compatible with outdoor use - so… what is the best outdoor sauna?

We have a few different options when it comes to outdoor infrared saunas. Here is an overview of our saunas and outdoor options to help you determine what is the best outdoor sauna for you. 

  • Outdoor Barrel (outdoors) - When it comes to our range of saunas, this would be one of the most ideal options when it comes to what is the best outdoor sauna. This sauna can be used safely outdoors and has been built & tested to withstand the Australian climate. It needs to be installed on a solid and level surface and a 15 Amp powerpoint is required. 
  • Lite Range (indoors or in a garage) - Our Lite range is a simple, no-fuss sauna that is best located inside, but it can be placed in your garage (you just need to make sure you have space for the sauna to be assembled). 
  • Premium Range (outdoors undercover) - This is our Premium range. We’ve refined and improved this sauna over 11 years and with its fantastic features, you can see why it’s so popular. Our premium range can be placed outdoors provided it is undercover. We do also offer an outdoor cover for added protection
  • Full Spectrum (indoor only) - This range features the latest FoundSpace infrared technology and is our most advanced infrared sauna - offering both near and far infrared technology. This sauna is suited to indoor use only, on a flat surface.
  • City Compact (Indoors only) - At only 85cm wide and 58cm deep, this sauna is ideal for compact living. It is suitable for indoor use only. 
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