Build The Ultimate Morning Sauna Routine

May 31, 2021
Build The Ultimate Morning Sauna Routine

There are often two types of people; those who love to smash the snooze button, and those who spring from bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

But here’s the real question… are either of those people making the most of their mornings? 

There’s something powerful about having a good morning routine. In fact, many high-performing individuals (like Oprah and Bill Gates) have found that a structured morning routine has helped enhance their productivity and overall contentment in life. 

There’s a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with starting your day before the rest of the world. It’s a great way to set a positive tone for the rest of the day. 

Starting the morning with a routine might just be the adjustment you need to kick-start your health journey. But what does a good morning routine look like? Well, our morning routine is centred around an energising sauna session - here’s how we do it...  


The Night Before

An awesome morning routine doesn’t start in the morning… it starts the night before. Preparing the night before removes any ‘chores’ the morning-of, so you can simply wake up, get out of bed to focus on yourself. So as you wind down for the evening, take a few minutes to do the following...


  • Set your sauna to your desired temperature and set timer to 90 minutes starting at the time you get up; 
  • Put a big bottle of water in the fridge so you’re ready to hydrate;
  • Place your clean towels in the sauna so you have them on-hand;
  • Have a book ready to read or contemplate which meditation, audiobook or podcast you’ll listen to; 
  • Review your sauna sessions handbook to discover any new features that could enhance your experience; 
  • Visualise yourself getting up bright and early for your sauna - manifest it!


On The Morning

As you reach for your alarm as it goes off, wake up and enjoy knowing you’re all set up for your sauna. This first hour or so of the day is just for you...

  • Don’t hesitate - get up and at ‘em as soon as you wake;
  • Workout before your sauna session for optimal daily energy (this step is optional, but highly recommended);
  • Saunter into your sauna - it should be nice and hot as you set your timer the night before;
    • * Your sauna session should last 30-45 minutes 
  • Have a big drink of water - you may even wish to set a goal of finishing the whole bottle during your sauna session;
  • Practice deep breathing and enjoy some relaxing aromatherapy scents; 
  • Enjoy reading your book or listening to your uplifting podcast or grounding meditation;
  • Peruse the Customer Hub to learn more about how you can optimise your health journey.

After Your Sauna

When your sauna is finished, relish the feeling of accomplishment and renewed energy - you’re ready to seize the day! But before you do, we suggest you take a few more minutes to complete your morning routine... 

  • Tidy up your sauna - Hang your towel on the towel rack and give your water bottle a wash if necessary;
  • Hop in the shower, rinse off and use this time to consider how you could make your routine even more enjoyable tomorrow;
  • Go on and enjoy your day! 

Once you make this your morning routine you’ll quickly begin to see mornings in a new light. While the rest of the world still sleeps, you get to enjoy the peace and serenity and use the time to focus on yourself. 

Your sauna is your sanctuary, and it’s the key to putting the ‘good’ in your morning. 

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